Yes! Oklahoma has two introduced species of trout — rainbows and browns, with rainbow trout being far more abundant. Rainbow trout are native to the cold streams west of the Continental Divide but have been introduced here and elsewhere. The brown, or German brown trout is originally from Europe. Browns are stocked periodically in the Mountain Fork River below Broken Bow Lake and in the Illinois River below Lake Tenkiller. Rainbows are stocked approximately every two weeks at all eight of the state’s trout areas during the designated trout seasons.

Large trout are not yet commonplace in Oklahoma trout areas although "bragging" size fish are occasionally landed.  When heading to one of Oklahoma's  trout areas be sure to brush up on the regulations.

Biologist’s Tips

Use ultra-light tackle, 4-6 lb. line and very small hooks, size 8-14. Live or prepared bait is preferred, but flies and small spinners or jigs also will catch fish (artificial lures and barbless hooks are required in some areas -- check current regulations for details). Fish near large rocks and logs and in deep holes.


Also, keep these tips in mind while trout fishing:

• Trout tend to seek out and congregate in calm waters. So when fishing in swift waters, cast your bait above exposed boulders and let it drift down through the calm water on the downstream side of the outcropping.

• Most of the rainbow trout in Oklahoma are hatchery fish which are fed a pelleted diet that is high in fish oil before they are released. Adding tuna fish, sardine or salmon oil to dough bait can increase your odds for success.

• Trouble keeping that dough bait on your hook? Adding cotton to your mixture will help to keep it in place on the hook longer.

Trout in Oklahoma