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January 2012

Tim with his blue catfish from Eufaula Lake.

Kirk with his crappie from Wister Lake.

Kirk with a blue catfish from Eufaula Lake.


February 2012

Vicky on Ft. Gibson.

Glen Hudson caught this 12.15 bass.


March 2012

Jeff from Stillwater snagged this gar in the Cimarron River.

Rhonda with her rainbow trout caught on live worms.

Jason and Kash with a 5.5 lb 20 inch largemouth bass caught at Brannon Lake.

Kevin with this 11 pound 10 ounce bass caught at Arbuckle Lake.

Campbell with his first bass caught at Lake Murray.



April 2012

Liz with her crappie.

Liz with her Easter catfish.

Jeff with his 8 lb. 1/4 oz largemouth bass caught at Arcadia Lake.

You never know which day they will catch their first fish but I knew from her three siblings before that the day was special. She had the same smile as they had and I imagine that I had when I caught my first. Each time was special. Caught in our waters. In our state. Thank you Oklahoma!

Coy that caught a 2lb bass on at the South Lakes Park pond. He was enjoying fishing the Close to Home ponds.



May 2012

Gregory caught this 20" smallmouth at Chimney Rock Lake on a 2 wt. flyrod.

Ryker and his dad Caleb with his "first" 41 lb. flathead catfish caught from Lake Spavinaw.

Josh noodled this handfull last season from Lake Keystone.

Sunday family fishing day at a pond south of Glenpool. Flint with his first crappie.

Jen Brewer, with her green sunfish caught in Osage County on a 2 wt flyrod.

Michael teaching his two year old daughter Madison how to fish.

Tracie and her first bass of the spring , fishing for sand bass in the Grand River in Muskogee county near the city of Fort Gibson along the rip rap near the eagle trees when she hooked into this nice little largemouth.


June 2012

Jack, age 9, fishing on his family's farm pond in Lincoln Co., caught this nice bass.


July 2012

McKenzie noodling at Keystone Lake.

Braden of Rogers County caught this his on his first cast in the Family coal pit.

11 year old Riley with his 13 lbs. Bluecat, caught at Cimarron River, Kingfisher County, July 2012.


August 2012

Man and dog fishing at Birch Lake.

81 year old Robert of Woodward caught this 8 lb & and 9.75lb both caught within minutes if each other at kaw lake on 8/10/2012 near the dam.

Hunter Ward showing off his Rainbow Trout.


November 2011

Fishing at Blue River in Tishomingo.

Dick Faurot of News On 6 Tulsa at Sapulpa Parks’ Season opening Rainbow Trout Stocking. 



December  2011

Stacy from Sulphur Okla, with a 6' 9''  130lb alligator gar caught in march 2011. First time to ever gar fish.


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