Special Licenses & Permits

Fishing Guide License

Fishing guides must possess an Oklahoma fishing guide license. This license costs $90 unless the guide provides Coast Guard Mariner credentials, in which case the license costs $20. For a list of licensed guides, visit wildlifedepartment.com.

Fiscal-Year Licenses

The fiscal-year licenses (combination, youth combination) are valid from July 1 to June 30. These licenses allow fishing during the time period specified on the license.

Resident 5-Year Combination Hunting/Fishing License

People who have been residents of Oklahoma for at least six months may buy a 5-year combination hunting/fishing license. Holders of these licenses are exempt from the annual fishing and hunting license only. Holders of resident 5-year licenses who become residents of another state during the 5-year period of their license may continue to use their license as a nonresident annual fishing or hunting license. When hunting, they must buy any season-specific hunting licenses that are not covered by a nonresident annual hunting license.

Lifetime Senior Citizen Combination Hunting/Fishing License

Residents age 65 (or those who turn 65 during the calendar year) are eligible to purchase a senior citizen combination hunting/fishing license, which is valid for life. The license provides the same exemptions as a resident lifetime combination hunting/fishing license. Application available at wildlifedepartment.com. If using paper form, form must be signed by Wildlife Department employee before mailing.

Disability Fishing License

Persons who have resided in Oklahoma for at least six months and who are receiving Social Security disability benefits, Supplemental Security Income benefits, or persons receiving disability benefits under the Federal Railroad Retirement Act or the Multiple Injury Trust Fund may buy a five-year disability fishing license for $10. Applicants for this license are urged to ask for a Benefits Verification Statement from Social Security at (800) 772-1213.

Lifetime Disabled Veteran Combination Hunting/Fishing License

This license is available to resident disabled veterans, as certified by the Veterans Affairs Department. For veterans with a disability of less than 60 percent, the cost of the license is $200. For veterans with a disability of 60 percent or more, the cost of the license is $25. The license provides the same benefits as a resident lifetime combination hunting/fishing license.

Land Access Permit

A $40 annual Land Access Permit is required of all residents who fish or hunt on Honobia Creek and Three Rivers Wildlife Management Areas, unless exempt. Nonresidents are required to buy an $85 annual permit, no exemptions. A $10, 3-day special use land access permit is available to residents for non-hunting and non-fishing related activities.

3-Day/Annual Wildlife Conservation Passport

People who use Department owned areas for non-hunting or non-fishing activities, such as birdwatching or photography, are required to have either a Wildlife Conservation Passport or any current hunting or fishing license issued by the Wildlife Department.

Buying a hunting or fishing license can cost less than buying a Wildlife Conservation Passport. Plus, license holders are granted the privileges of that license and can enjoy those activities during the license term.

Persons under 16 years of age at the start of the calendar year, and students and instructors participating in bona fide educational tours or activities sponsored or organized by an education institution or any other organized event sanctioned by and approved in advance by the Wildlife Department are exempt from the Wildlife Conservation Passport requirement.

Tribal Compact Licneses

For tribal compact licenses, visit choctawnation.com or cherokee.org.

Your Dollars Work For Conservation

If you’ve ever bought a hunting or fishing license, motorboat fuel, fishing tackle, ammo or bows and arrows, you’re a part of the most successful effort to conserve fish and wildlife in America: The Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program.

Anglers, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts pay a special excise tax whenever they buy items related to the outdoors, and that tax revenue is distributed back to the individual states. So each time an Oklahoman buys a license or outdoors-related merchandise, he or she is supporting important conservation efforts such as installing boat ramps or increasing hunting access.


Free Fishing Days

June 4-5, 2022

Anyone may fish in Oklahoma on these days without a state license (free paddlefish permit still required).

Some city permits may still be required.

Be sure to take someone fishing!