Exciting New project for Lower Mountain For River Trout Fishery: Evening Hole Restoration

-Biologists complete “one of the most ambitious streams restoration project ever undertaken in Oklahoma”

Biologists with ODWC's Stream Management Program rehabilitated a 2700-foot section of the lower Mountain Fork River trout fishery known as "Evening Hole." This slow-moving section of river was wide, shallow and had limited available fish habitat. Water in this reach also warmed quickly during summer which is a problem when managing trout. Techniques were used in this area to improve fish habitat, channel shape, stream flow, sediment transport and water temperature. About one acre of wetland habitat was also created during the restoration project.

Following two years of research and development, streams biologist completed the Evening Hole restoration plan. The project plan included the creation of an additional 2,000-feet of fishable trout stream through the re-creation of an ancient stream channel known as "Lost Creek". Beginning at Cold Hole, Lost Creek meanders downstream through the woodlands until reaching the Mountain Fork River about 500-feet upstream of the Evening Hole bridge.

The entire project existed in Zone 1 of the trout stream. Changes were made to maintain a put and take fishing opportunity in the new reach.

Upon completion of the Evening Hole restoration project, this area is characterized by a hydraulically improved, multi-stage low-flow channel with enhanced in-stream habitat, reduced summer temperatures and better fishing opportunities. Remaining portions of the existing channel will as active wetland. Lost Creek is hydraulically connected to create an additional trout fishing area in a scenic, woodland environment.

After years of careful design and construction, the Evening Hole Restoration Project was completed in the summer of 2006, resulting in faster, cooler water for trout and better fishing for anglers.

The project was possible through Funding Cooperators with:    

  • Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation
  • 89er Chapter of Trout Unlimited
  • Oklahoma Chapters of Trout Unlimited
  • Numerous individual cooperators

The project was possible through a Cooperative Partnership with:  

  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department
  • Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program


Additional Information on the Evening Hole Restoration Project

From Good to Great: The Story of One of the Region's Premier Trout Fisheries (January/February 2007 Outdoor) Oklahoma magazine article