Lost Creek Renovation

In May of 2009 the Mountain Fork River drainage basin received record rainfall events and consequently over 5000 cfs was released through the spillway gates. This extremely high release caused excess sedimentation in the Lost Creek and Evening hole fishing areas.

A large amount of sediment was deposited in the upper end of Evening Hole in which we easily removed and redirected the flow through the main channel of Evening Hole during the summer of 2009.

Lost Creek however experienced large amounts of sedimentation from the channel scouring of Spillway Creek and sediment produced when Cold Hole Bridge washed out. Throughout the fall of 2009 a new design was completed for Lost Creek and during January - April of 2010 we renovated the stream adding approximately 200 linear feet to the overall reach. With some professional assistance from private contractors, Dave Bidelspach and Daryl Westmoreland, we added toe-wood sod mats, constructed riffles, log rock j-hook vanes, and multiple meander bends to Lost Creek. The new fishing habitat created by the new structures holds fish extremely well, added depth to the stream and created self correcting flow vectors to assist in keeping the pools deep and clean of debris.

Hwy 259 Bridge

Cold Hole and Lost Creek diversion structure after second restoration.

Lost Creek diversion structure during 5200 cfs flood event.