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Rules Regulating Use of Department Owned Lakes

1. Fishing is permitted under current Department fishing rules and regulations according to OAC 800, Chapter 10, subchapter 1. For specific rules about specific lakes, species restrictions, daily harvest limits, possession limits and length limits refer to the current Oklahoma Fishing Regulation publication available from all licensed dealers across the state.

2. No person may fish with more than (2) poles, except at lakes Carl Etling and Watonga during trout season when no person may fish with more than one (1) pole.

3. Trotlines, throwlines, limbline, juglines, nets, seines, yo-yo's, spearguns, and the taking of any fish by noodling and the taking of minnows by any method is prohibited, except cast nets may be used to take bait for personal use at Lake Carl Etling.

4. Swimming is not permitted unless a designated swimming area is established by the Wildlife Conservation Commission.

5. All forms of hunting are permitted on Lakes Vincent, Jap Beaver, Burtschi, Dahlgren, Nanih Waiya, Ozzie Cobb, Schooler, Chambers, American Horse, and Vanderwork during open hunting seasons which occur during the period of September 1 through March 1, including migratory bird seasons. Hunting is restricted to shotguns, long bow and arrows only, except rifles are also permitted for the taking of deer on Lake Vincent area (area within boundary fence) during the the deer gun season. Hunting and shooting other than that provided above is prohibited.

6. Camping is permitted, but limited to three (3) day duration at all Department owned lakes, except Lake Watonga, Carl Etling and Wayne Wallace where camping shall be limited to fourteen (14) consecutive days. Camping is permitted only in designated camping areas.

7. Boats and motors are permitted. All boats and motors must comply with existing boat regulations and boat operators must obey Oklahoma State Boat Laws. All boats must be operated at no-wake speed (sic (6) miles per hour or less) and may not be left on the water or the areas longer than the limit on camping.

8. Water skiing is prohibited.

9. Disposal of trash, refuse and debris is prohibited, except in designated trash containers. this included organic and inorganic materials.

10. Commercial concessions and private developments on Department property are prohibited. Soliciting, advertising or promoting any commercial or private activity is prohibited. The use of these areas for any commercial operation in any way is prohibited.

11. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times, except when used to hunt with, during legal open hunting seasons on those areas where hunting is permitted.

12. Boat houses, ramps, docks and other facilities may not be constructed on Department property without specific approval of the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission.

13. It shall be unlawful to drive, occupy or park any motor driven vehicle, including automobiles, trucks, mini bikes, motorcycles, etc., except on maintained roads (unless posted as "no parking zones"), designated parking areas, designated camping areas. It shall be unlawful to operate any vehicle in a manner to create a public nuisance or to park in a "no parking zone." Operators must be licensed drivers.

14. Cutting or defacing of trees and vegetation shall be prohibited. Removal of any vegetation, soil, rocks, water, or minerals is prohibited except under written approval of Department Director.

15. Vandalism, theft, and damage to State property is prohibited.

16. No person shall use threatening, abusive, or indecent language, participate in a disorder assemblage, nor publicly appear nude or intoxicated on any lands or lakes owned by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

17. After 10:00 p.m., and until 5:00 a.m., all department owned lakes will be restricted to fishing and fishing related activities only, and hunting if permitted by Commission.