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Hulah Lake

Hulah Lake


Game Warden (County):

Hulah Lake (Google Map) is located 9.5 miles northeast of SH 99 on SH 10.

Lake Details

Shoreline Length: 27.30 mi.
Volume: 15968.00 ac. ft.
Max. Depth: 20.20 ft.
Surface Area: 2635.00 ac.


Osage County

U.S. Corps of Engineers manages campgrounds with full RV hookups, boat ramps and designated swimming areas.


Prohibited methods: Bowfishing prohibited from Hulah dam downstream 1,200 feet to the reregulation dam, gigs, spears, spearguns, and snagging prohibited from Hulah dam downstream to the confluence of old and new river channels. (Also see “Tailwaters” regulations.)