Black Bear Season Harvest Quota


BEAR ARCHERY: Oct. 1-20, 2013 (Only in open counties)

BEAR MUZZLELOADER: Oct. 26-Nov. 3, 2013 or until quota is reached (only in open counties)


Upon harvesting a bear, all hunters must immediately attach their name and license number securely to the carcass and complete the “Record of Game” section on the license form.

The attached item can be anything, as long as it contains the required information. This information must remain attached to the carcass until it is checked.

Upon harvesting a bear, all hunters must call Joe Hemphill, Southeast Region Supervisor at (580) 421-7226 or Jeff Ford, Biologist at (918) 527-9918.

The carcass will be checked and a carcass tag issued. The carcass tag must remain with the carcass to its final destination or through processing and/or storage at commercial processing or storage facilities.

The head must remain attached to the carcass until the bear is checked. Bear carcasses may be checked in quartered, but sex organs must remain naturally attached until checked by a Department employee.

Muzzleloader Bear Harvest Quota

The Wildlife Department has set the 2013 muzzleloader harvest quota at 20 bears. The muzzleloader season listed above will be open until 20 bears have been harvested or the season ends. Hunters must check, by phone or online, before hunting each day to see if the quota has been reached. Once the quota has been reached, the season will close.

To check the status of the harvest quota: Call (888) 901-3256.