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Fort Cobb

Hunting Contact: (580) 595-0347

Game Warden: (405) 590-5696, (405) 850-1960

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Ft. Cobb WMA covers 3,500 acres in Caddo County around the north end of Ft. Cobb lake. Located south of Hwy 152 and east of Hwy 146, the area is a mixture of post oak, blackjack, red cedars and native mixed grasses. The area has uplands, flood plain and creek bottoms. Mixed grasses, plum thickets and eastern red cedar predominate on upland sites. The lake is fed by three tributaries, Willow Creek to the northeast, Lake Creek to the north and Cobb Creek to the west. All of these creeks are timbered with cottonwood, willow and some hardwoods. The annual precipitation for the area is about 28 inches.

Driving Directions: 

From Binger: 12 miles west on State Hwy 152, 3½ miles south on N2490

Game Species of Interest: 

  • Quail: Bobwhite quail are present, but not abundant. 
  • Turkey: are present but not abundant.
  • Deer: White-tailed deer are present throughout the area. 
  • Rabbit: Primarily cottontails, although a few jackrabbits may be present. 
  • Furbearers: Coyote, bobcat and raccoons are available. 
  • Dove: Dove are fairly common, but not abundant. 
  • Waterfowl: Ducks and geese are usually present in good numbers. 
  • Crows: Crows are present in fair numbers. 

Nongame Species of Interest:

  • Bald Eagle: Found in winter on the state park portion of the lake.  They commonly use islands and points on the lake.
  • Pelicans: Large numbers use the entire lake.

Description of Fish and Wildlife Management Practices: 

Approximately 22 wildlife feeding areas are planted annually.  Red cedar control is used to improve tallgrass prairie habitat.  The area has a 29 acre wetland development unit which relies on flood water to inundate.  The wetland area is vegetated with native wetland plants.

Camping and Facilities: 

Camping areas and three improved boat ramps are located on the WMA. Camp sites with hookups are available at the Ft. Cobb State Park (405-643-2249).

Fishing Opportunities

Bass, Saugeye, Crappie, Catfish and Hybrid Stripers are found in Ft. Cobb lake.


Ft. Cobb WMA Map 

For additional information and area attractions:

Anadarko Visitor’s Center
Highway 62 East
Anadarko, OK 73005

Great Plains Country
114 South 9th St, Suite A Frederick OK 73542

Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department
Post Office Box 52002
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2002
(800) 652-6552 or (405) 521-2409 

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Non-Ambulatory Acres: 
584.67 acres

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