Teams Busy Preparing for Spring Turkey Research

Jan 27, 2023
turkey net demo
In December, researchers participated in an ODWC demonstration of a drop net, similar to the one seen here, which is used to capture wild turkeys.


Provided by Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Oklahoma State University  

Wild turkey genetics, nesting success, and brood survival are among the research topics in a 4.5-year study launched at the beginning of 2022 by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, other state and federal entities, and private landowners working together to address wild turkey population dynamics. 

During December 2022, researchers continued preparing for spring field research activities in the southeastern and southwestern research sites. This included continued development of new sampling procedures and buying supplies. An order for 60 GPS transmitters was shipped from the manufacturer in Germany in late December. 

Also, four technicians have been added to the research teams, two for each site. 

In the southeast, researchers kept track of radio-tagged wild turkey hens and scouted for potential trapping locations to use during spring.

Researchers gathered at Sandy Sanders Wildlife Management Area in mid-December to meet with ODWC Wildlife Regional Supervisor Ron Smith and Wildlife Biologist Marcus Thibodeau for a demonstration of a wild turkey drop net used for capturing birds for research. 

(Financial support for this publication was provided by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation through the Wildlife Restoration Program, F21AF02702 (W-216-R-1), and Oklahoma State University.)