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To order, contact License Section via mail and send cashier’s check or money order (no personal checks). Orders will also be taken over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard at (405) 521-3852.

For Wildlife License Plates

1: Download form 710-H
2: Mail or take form to the Oklahoma Tax Commission or your local tag agency to order a wildlife conservation plate. Your plate will be mailed directly to you.
For immediate pickup, purchase your plate at the Oklahoma Tax Commission office: 2501 N. Lincoln Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK

Wildlife License Plate costs $38 (original) - $36.50 (renewal). The specialty plate fee is in addition to your annual vehicle registration fee.

Wildlife conservation plate proceeds go to Oklahoma’s Wildlife Diversity Program, which assists more than 600 of the state’s wildlife species and the places they live. The Wildlife Diversity Program receives no state tax appropriations and is funded, in large part, through voluntary contributions. Your support makes the difference between good and better wildlife conservation for Oklahoma.

A Field Guide to Oklahoma's Amphibians and Reptiles

Oklahoma's Amphibians and Reptiles introduces readers to all 160 species and subspecies of snakes, lizards and salamanders in Oklahoma. Colored tabs make it easy to flip to each category of animal. Colored photographs and species descriptions help the reader identify and learn about the state's amphibians and reptiles. This book helps students, educators, gardeners, sportsmen and others who spend time enjoying Oklahoma's outdoors. When you purchase Oklahoma's Amphibians and Reptiles book you will also receive a one-year subscription to Outdoor Oklahoma, the state’s premiere, award-winning outdoors magazine.

Landscaping for Wildlife: A Guide to the Southern Great Plains

Bring your property to life. Find everything you need to know about attracting birds, butterflies, turtles and other wildlife in this full-color, 224-page landscaping guidebook. You’ll find useful instructions for meeting water needs, feeding preferences and nesting requirements for wildlife found in the Southern Great Plains, with specific emphasis on Oklahoma species. Enjoy the detailed diagrams and plant listings that accompany book photographs and illustrations in addition to woodworking diagrams and lists of plant and seed companies. This book was compiled with the most up-to-date “wildscaping” information available. You will also receive a one-year subscription to Outdoor Oklahoma, the state’s premiere, award-winning outdoors magazine.

Cy Curtis Awards Program Record Book

This up-to-date book contains the hall of fame of trophy deer, elk, antelope and bear harvested in Oklahoma since 1972. The state record book is updated every July. If your deer is accepted into the Cy Curtis program after July 1 of the current year your information will not appear in the state record book until it is printed in July of the following year. You will also receive a one-year subscription to Outdoor Oklahoma, the state’s premiere, award-winning outdoors magazine.

Wildlife Management Area Atlas

The Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Atlas is a compilation of maps and information to serve as your tool for navigating our public lands. Each page highlights topography, borders and features of Oklahoma's WMAs to help you get the best use out of each of them. You will also receive a one-year subscription to Outdoor Oklahoma, the states premier, award-winning outdoors magazine.

Outdoor Oklahoma Magazine 1 year subscription

Start enjoying a full year (six big issues) of hunting, fishing, natural history, camping and much more when you subscribe to Outdoor Oklahoma magazine. Subscribe for yourself, or a friend. Print out mail in subscription form or you can order online. $10 One Year, $18 Two Years, $25 Three Years

Wildlife Largemouth Bass


Wildlife Striped Bass

Texas Horned Lizard

Wildlife Quail

Wildlife Scissortail

Wildlife Trout

Wildlife Turkey

Wildlife Deer

Habitat Donor Decals

Habitat Donor Decals help support the Wildlife Department's Land Acquisition Fund. All proceeds are earmarked to help provide hunting and fishing access to the public. Show your support by placing a habitat donor decal on your car or truck today!

Waterfowl hunting stamp

Each year an artist's work is chosen to be printed on the following years "duck stamp". Collectors and hunters enjoy these stamps. Funds from the stamp sales are used for many kinds of waterfowl management projects. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation currently carries the past two years of stamps.

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