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ODWC Elk Hunt on Fort Sill

Adventure Description: 

The Wildlife Department is offering a chance to win a guided, either-sex elk hunt at Ft. Sill, the Army's Fires Center of Excellence in southwest Oklahoma. Purchase single tickets or a five-ticket bundle by Dec. 3 for your chance at this January 5-7, 2022 hunt that you'll never forget! This Wildlife Department raffle is available to residents and non-residents, regardless of whether you've ever been drawn for an elk hunt through the Oklahoma Controlled Hunts program. Plus, winning this hunt doesn't affect your Controlled Hunts preference points or eligibility for once-in-a-lifetime elk hunts offered through the Controlled Hunts program.

There is no public hunting on Ft Sill due to security, safety and the live-fire training mission of the installation. ODWC has coordinated this unique effort with Ft. Sill for a very special opportunity to harvest an either-sex elk on a guided hunt.  This elk does not count against the statewide general limit and is a bonus elk.

Due to the hunt being conducted while Military training is ongoing, you will be escorted by a knowledgeable person to accompany you while in the field. This three-day escorted hunt will begin the morning of Wednesday, 5 January 2022 and conclude the evening of Friday, 7 January 2022, or upon your harvest whichever is first.

This hunt is conducted with your choice of method of take. The majority of shots are taken within 100 yards but there is often the opportunity for more lengthy shots in some of our open areas.

There is definitely nothing more breathtaking than an elk hunt on Ft. Sill, Oklahoma!

Hunter Success

Gun hunts at Ft. Sill typically provide hunter shot opportunity for elk in the 70% to 80% range. It should be emphasized that what we are offering is a Western Hunting Experience. There are no guarantees on a “fair chase” hunt. Elk are a free roaming and wide-ranging animal.

The country they flourish in is tough. Hunting experience, physical conditioning, preparation, shooting ability, not to mention weather and hunting pressure, are all elements that will affect your hunt one way or the other.

Disabled Hunters

We understand that many elk hunters both older and/or Handicapped/Disabled can no longer walk over or climb very rugged terrain. Based on your needs, we will cater to make your elk hunt as challenging, or easy, and successful as possible. There are many miles of roads around the installation that present many great opportunities to bag that Trophy Bull or Cow Elk. Don’t let physical capabilities deter you from applying for the opportunity to harvest a trophy of a lifetime.

Hunter Requirements

The hunter is responsible for obtaining an Oklahoma hunting license and an Oklahoma elk license. Hunter Education certification is required unless exempt. Exempt from Hunter Education are anyone thirty-one (31) or older are exempt, any Honorably discharged Veteran from the U.S. Armed Forces, or anyone currently serving on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces or a member of the National Guard.

Fort Sill Requirements

The winner of this hunt will be immediately contacted by the ODWC to begin coordination for this great opportunity. Being a military installation there are a few requirements that must be met prior to entry on the Installation.

  • As with any hunter on Fort Sill, the lucky winner and companion must sign a “hold harmless” agreement prior to hunting.
  • Winner will be assisted with this and accomplished prior to entrance on Fort Sill. Your information is not stored or shared with any agency. Your personal escort will assist with accessing Fort Sill. This includes obtaining a visitor pass and bringing a weapon on post. The hunter’s companion is not authorized to carry a weapon on Fort Sill.



Your personal Escort, with over 30 years of experience hunting on Fort Sill, will work vigorously during your elk hunt to help you acquire many opportunities for a quality animal; whether it is the Trophy of a Lifetime or meat to put in your freezer.

Winner may be accompanied by a non-hunting family member or friend. Also, if you have any particular needs, we can assist you in the field and once back at the main Post.

After the harvest, step back and watch your escort and volunteers take care of the recovery, caping, field dressing, skinning, and cleaning of your elk. You need to bring a few big ice chests for your elk once it's out of the field. We have ice available.


Fort Sill, Oklahoma consists of 93,000 acres of a geographically diverse ecosystem. The terrain ranges from densely wooded areas with timber and thick cover to rolling grassy prairie hills to rocky mountainous terrain. The elk herd is thriving on Fort Sill.

With over 140 square miles of hunting range, the hunt is normally conducted by the spot and stalk technique which can make for a demanding hunt on the ground! Your escort is local and extremely knowledgeable hunting this type of terrain and land. We can make this hunt as rugged or as easy as the hunter’s desire so don’t be intimidated by a hunt of a lifetime!

Number of People: 

One hunter, plus one non-hunting companion. See requirements in the description.

Date Valid: 

This three-day escorted hunt will begin the morning of Wednesday, 5 January 2022, and conclude the evening of Friday, 7 January 2022, or upon your harvest whichever is first.


Lodging is the responsibility of the hunter. There are a number of hotels in Lawton in which you can make arrangements to stay. Fort Sill also has RV camping and Cabin rental at Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area. Reservations can be made at Adventure Travel - Home (adv-travel.com) or by calling (580) 250-4040.

The opportunity closes December 3, 2021, and the winner will be notified through email shortly after.

To purchase one ticket ($10) for this adventure click the "Purchase Ticket" button below. To purchase a bundle ($30) of five tickets for this adventure click the "Purchase Bundle" button below.