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ESA Section 6 Projects

Congress passed the Endangered Species Act in 1973 as a means of conserving native plants and animals that are in danger of extinction.

Each year, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) partner to manage, monitor, and recover federally threatened and Endangered species. These projects are made possible with funding allocated to state wildlife agencies through the Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund. This fund is authorized through Section 6 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which describes the important role states play in the implementation of the ESA. ESA Section 6 grants are managed through the Wildlife Department’s Wildlife Diversity Program, which is responsible for monitoring, managing, and promoting rare, declining, and endangered wildlife, as well as common species not hunted or fished.

Endangered Species Act, Section 6 Projects

Grant Name Grant # Start Date End Date Report
Surveys within Oklahoma’s historical range of the Frosted Elfin (Callophrys irus) to determine current distribution and status E-94-R-1 2021-01-01 2021-12-31 PDF
Cooperative Surveys and Coordination of Federally-listed and Candidate Species in Oklahoma E-76-R-7 2021-01-01 2021-12-31 PDF
Cooperative Surveys and Coordination of Federally-listed and Candidate Species in Oklahoma E-76-R-6 2020-01-01 2020-12-31 PDF
Propagation and Augmentation of the Ouachita Rock Pocketbook E-75-R-3 2020-01-01 2021-12-31 PDF
Management and Cave Protection for Federally-listed Bats and Cooccurring Stygobitic Fauna in Oklahoma E-22-R-24 2020-01-01 2021-12-31 PDF
Red-cockaded Woodpecker recovery work on the McCurtain County Wilderness Area. E-21-23 2019-04-01 2020-03-31 PDF
Cooperative Surveys and Coordination of Federally-listed and Candidate Species in Oklahoma E-76-R-5 2019-01-01 2019-12-31 PDF
Genomic Assessment of Isolation and Connectivity Among Black-capped Vireo Populations in Oklahoma E-91 2019-01-01 2019-12-31 PDF
Reinstatement of Management and Monitoring Efforts for a Remnant Population of Black-capped Vireos in Blaine County, Oklahoma E-88 2019-01-01 2019-12-31 PDF
Monitoring of Federally listed and Declining Bats in an Ozark Cave System During Spring Emergence and Fall Swarming Periods E-89 2018-01-01 2018-12-31 PDF
Conservation Genomics of the Neosho Mucket (Lampsilis rafinesqueana) E-90 2018-01-01 2020-12-31 PDF
Monitoring and Protection for the Interior Least Tern in the Canadian River Landowner Conservation Cooperative E-73 2017-04-01 2019-03-31 PDF
Reinstatement of Management and Monitoring Efforts for a Remnant Population of Black-capped Vireos in Blaine County, Oklahoma E-88 2017-04-01 2018-03-31 PDF
Processing and Vouchering of Fish Samples Collected from Annual Monitoring Efforts for the Arkansas River Shiner in the Canadian River E-81 2017-01-01 2018-12-31 PDF
Propagation and Augmentation of the Ouachita Rock Pocketbook E-75 2015-10-01 2018-09-30 PDF
DNA Analysis of Fecal Material to Identify Prey Selection of Ozark Big-eared Bats E-83 2015-10-01 2016-09-30 PDF
Genetic Structure of Ozark Big-eared Bat Populations and the Establishment of Unobtrusive Population Monitoring Program E-77 2010-12-01 2013-11-30 PDF
Development of a Multi-State Whooping Crane and Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat Conservation Plan for Wind Development E-71 2009-08-11 2013-08-04 PDF
An Ecoregion Approach for Recovery and Protection of Karst Dependent Federally Listed Species E-72 2009-07-01 2013-06-30 PDF
Current Distribution and Status of the Lesser Prairie Chicken of Oklahoma E-70 2009-02-01 2012-01-31 PDF
Red-cockaded Woodpecker Habitat Acquisition E-67 2008-06-01 2012-12-31 PDF
Examination of American Burying Beetle Reproductive Habitat E-65 2005-10-01 2010-10-31 PDF
An Ecoregion Approach to Recovery of the Ozark Big-eared Bat and Three Other State and Federally Listed Karst Dependant Species E-62 2004-11-01 2009-10-31 PDF
Monitoring of Arkansia wheeleri populations in the Kiamichi River E-59 2003-07-01 2005-09-30 PDF
Reproductive Enhancement and Population Monitoring of Black-Capped Vireos in Blaine County E-45 2003-05-01 2004-04-30 PDF
Development of Umbrella Candidate Conservation Agreements for Shortgrass Prairie Wildlife E-55 2001-09-01 2004-08-31 PDF
Determining Acreage of Black-tailed Prairie Dog Colonies in Northwest Oklahoma E-53 2000-07-03 2003-07-02 PDF
Status of the Mountain Plover in Cimarron County E-51 1999-06-01 1999-12-31 PDF
Monitoring of Oklahoma's Swift Fox Population E-49 1998-06-17 2001-11-16 PDF
Monitoring of Known Populations of the Rich Mountain Slitmouth Snail E-48 1997-09-26 1998-09-25 PDF
Public Survey for Information Related to Eastern Spotted Skunk Sightings E-47 1997-09-01 1998-08-31 PDF
Survey of Major Tributaries of the Kiamichi River for the Ouachita Rock Pocketbook and Other Rare Mussels E-46 1997-06-01 1998-05-31 PDF
Status, distribution, and habitat use of the alligator snapping turtle in Oklahoma E-40 1996-10-01 1999-09-30 PDF
Bachman's Sparrow Survey and Habitat Characterization on Southeastern Oklahoma Wildlife Management Areas E-41 1996-09-27 1998-09-26 PDF
Black-capped Vireo Survey on Public Land in Central Oklahoma E-39 1995-09-18 1996-09-30 PDF
American Burying Beetle Survey E-36 1994-09-26 1995-09-25 PDF
Distribution and Ecology of the Swift Fox (Vulpes velox) E-35 1994-09-26 1997-09-29 PDF
Development of a Texas Horned Lizard Educational Brochure and Volunteer Report Form E-37 1994-09-26 1995-09-25 PDF
Determination of the status and habitat preference of the Neosho Mucket in Oklahoma E-34 1994-09-01 1997-08-31 PDF
Determination of Habitat Requirements for the Arkansas River Shiner E-33 1994-08-01 1995-07-31 PDF
Survey and Management of Interior Least Terns and Snowy Plovers on the Canadian River in Central and Western Oklahoma E-31 1994-06-13 1995-09-30 PDF
Mist-net Surveys for Endangered and Candidate Bat Species on Public Lands in Eastern Oklahoma E-30 1994-05-01 1997-09-30 PDF
Reintroduction of the Arkansas River Speckled Chub and Taxonomic Status and Genetic Structure of the Speckled Chub in the Arkansas and Red River Drainages E-29 1994-05-01 1998-12-31 PDF
Leopard darter mark and recapture study E-8 1993-09-01 1996-08-31 PDF
Status Survey of the Arkansas Darter in Eastern Oklahoma E-28 1993-06-01 1995-12-29 PDF
Status survey of the Ouachita dusky salamander E-24 1993-05-01 1995-04-30 PDF
Status survey for three candidate aquatic invertebrates in the Arbuckle Mountains E-27 1993-05-01 1995-12-31 PDF
Mountain plover breeding activity on cultivated fields E-26 1993-04-01 1995-03-31 PDF
Survey and Species Determination of Cave Crayfish in Oklahoma E-5 1991-09-23 1992-09-30 PDF
Least Tern "Share the Beach" Public Service Announcement campaign E-19 1991-09-09 1992-08-31 PDF
Status of the speckled chub in the Arkansas River basin E-8 1991-09-01 1993-03-31 PDF
Determination of the distribution and abundance of the Texas Horned Lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum) in Oklahoma E-18 1991-08-15 1993-05-31 PDF
Status of the Neosho madtom in Oklahoma E-8 1991-05-01 1991-08-31 PDF
Distribution and land use history of prairie mole cricket lek sites in Oklahoma E-16 1991-04-26 1992-04-25 PDF
Management of the Endangered Ozark Big-Eared Bat: Continued Cave Searches and Colony Monitoring E-3 1991-04-01 1993-03-31 PDF
Of the Endnagered Ozark Big-Eared Bat: Telemetry Investigations E-3 1991-04-01 1994-03-31 PDF
Preliminary assessment of black-tailed prairie dog colonies for reintroduction of black-footed ferrets in western Oklahoma E-14 1990-09-17 1991-09-30 PDF
Habitat Use and Genetic Characterization and Variability in the American Burying Beetle, Nicrophorus Americanus, in Oklahoma E-13 1990-09-01 1994-08-31 PDF
Habitat Use and Reporductive Biology of Arkansia wheeleri (Mollusca: Unionidae) In the Kiamichi River, Oklahoma E-12 1990-06-01 1993-05-31 PDF
Gray Bat (Myotis grisescens) Population and Protection System Monitoring E-9 1989-09-22 1995-09-21 PDF
Status survey of the western fanshell and the Neosho mucket in Oklahoma E-7 1989-08-01 1990-05-30 PDF
Survey and Species Determination of Cave Crayfish in Oklahoma E-5 1989-06-01 1990-05-31 PDF
Life History and Distribution of the Arkansas River Shiner in Oklahoma E-8 1989-06-01 1991-08-31 PDF
Hydrogeology of Ozark Cavefish Caves E-6 1989-06-01 1991-06-30 PDF
Status Survey and Habitat Analysis of Stenotrema gilsbryi Rich Mountain Slitmouth E-4 1989-05-01 1990-04-30 PDF
Status and Habitat Relationship of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers in Oklahoma E-3 1989-04-01 1991-03-31 PDF
Micro- and Macrohabitat Characteristics of Caves Within the Range of the Ozark Big-Eared Bat in Eastern Oklahoma E-3 1989-04-01 1991-09-30 PDF
Leopard Darter Reproductive Biology Study in Southeastern Oklahoma E-2 1986-10-01 1988-09-30 PDF
Ecology and Management of Isolated Populations of the Black-Capped Vireo (Vireo atricapullus) In Oklahoma E-1 1986-04-01 1989-03-31 PDF