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Lower Mountain Fork

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Lower Mountain Fork River

Repair Update: 11/15/2017

The USACE is in the process of making unscheduled repairs to the Broken Bow Spillway low flow release valve.  Repairs are expected to take several weeks to complete. The repairs will make it necessary to shut off all flows during some or most of the actual repair process, which is potentially a few weeks away. 

Stockings will continue in the lower sections of the Park.  Due to warmer temperatures in the late summer and fall it was necessary to focus stocking the upper spillway areas.  Temperatures have cooled into the mid 60's making it possible focus stockings in those areas that haven't been stocked for a couple of months. 

Don Groom Southeast Regional Fisheries Supervisor said:

"I have read and heard folks attributing the lower flows to the bridge repairs. Although, the lower flows may help a little, the reason for the lower release has to do with a problem with the valve structure itself.  Anglers should expect flows to stay around 59 cfs for at least the next couple of weeks.  This may not sound low to anglers who have been around the stream pre-floods, but for those who have become accustomed to the 100-120 cfs flows it looks like a trickle. "

"The USACE is willing to spill a little water through the tainter gates if we think it is necessary, but we have made the decision, given the circumstances, to leave flows where they are at this time. If the situation changes, we can always reevaluate things.  ODWC is working closely with the USACE to minimize impacts to the trout stream."

"Normally after the fall festival in park, the State Park removes the stop logs from the bridges.  This lowers the large pools that facilitate several concessions that operate in warmer weather and allows for a more diverse fishing opportunity at that heads of these pools. Given the reduction in flows and the circumstances surrounding the valve repairs, I have asked the Park to leave the logs in place at this time.  Although It may not be a popular decision,  I think it's the prudent thing to do until the repairs are complete."

"We expect to get our first loads of mitigation fish in early December. This will help get Zone's II and III stocked for the winter. Regularly scheduled stockings can always be diverted to these areas if the repair situation changes."

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Latest Fishing Report

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Mark Hannah, game warden McCurtain County
Lake Elevation:
Below Average
Water Temp and Clarity:

Action: Fair
Baits:  Plastics, Powerbait, Small Lures
Locations: Creek channels, River Channel, Rocks