Oklahoma Game Harvest Survey

Every winter, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation conducts a survey of approximately 2,000 hunting license holders. The survey sample is stratified statewide by county and by license category (annual, lifetime and senior citizen hunting or combination license holders). Participants are asked about their hunting activities in the previous year and their opinions on issues facing the Wildlife Department. Presented below are responses to survey questions.

Graphs depicting harvest trends for several of Oklahoma's small game species in recent years.
Questions about deer hunting practices, preferences, and proposed season changes and have appeared regularly on the Game Harvest Survey.
Questions about hunting on private and public land.
Questions have addressed issues related to Oklahoma's Wildlife Management Areas.
The Department of Wildlife does not receive general state tax dollars. It is funded mostly by hunters and anglers through their license fees and a manufacturer's excise tax hunting and fishing equipment. Periodically we have asked questions to measure support for alternative funding options.
Questions about how hunters obtain wildlife-related information and their awareness of specific information produced by ODWC.
Questions about hunter participation and preferences for Oklahoma's controlled hunt system.
Questions about quail hunting season preferences.
Questions about other hunting and management issues.

If you have questions about the Oklahoma Game Harvest Survey, please contact Andrea Crews at acrews@odwc.state.ok.us.