Administration Division

The Administration Division performs various functions including licensing, property management, accounting, human resources, and information technology.


The Accounting Section prepares and maintains the Department’s budget, prepares monthly financial reports and processes accounts payable and purchasing for the Department.

Human Dimensions 

The Human Dimensions Specialist collects public input through research and surveys to include hunters, anglers, and others who love the outdoors in ODWC's fish and wildlife management programs.

Human Resources 

The Human Resources Section is in charge of personnel administration, recruitment of new employees and training for all employees.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Section maintains the Department’s computer networks, software applications and all related computer equipment.

Licensing Section

The Licensing Section is responsible for selling and distributing hunting and fishing licenses and permits to resident and nonresident sportsmen.


The Property Section keeps track of the property owned by the Department and is responsible for distributing uniforms, maintaining vehicles used by Department personnel and tracking inventory.


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