Oklahoma Angler Opinion Survey

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation conducted an angler opinion survey during February of 2007. The survey sample was stratified statewide by county and by license category (annual, lifetime and senior citizen hunting or combination license holders). Responses were obtained from 1,292 resident fishing license holders (563 annual license holders, 297 lifetime license holders and 432 senior citizen license holders).

The purpose of the survey was to obtain information on angler opinions, attitudes and preferences in order for the Wildlife Department to better serve the angling public. Participants were asked about their fishing activities in the previous year and their opinions on issues facing the Wildlife Department.

A similar survey has been conducted approximately every five years since 1977.

Graphs depicting information about angler participation and practices.
Questions about fishing preferences and interest in proposed changes.

If you have questions about the Oklahoma Angler Opinion Survey, please contact Greg Summers at gsummers@odwc.state.ok.us.