Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
Elk Quotas
If you are using a mobile device, write your confirmation number on your field tag. Your mobile web browser must be an Internet compliant browser. Some mobile devices like the Blackberry may come with a proprietary non-standard Internet browser, and not function correctly. In addition, please ensure your browser has Javascript enabled. If you don’t have Javascript enabled, the application may not work correctly.

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There are currently 98587 deer checked for 2014/2015 Hunting Season.
There are currently 560 turkey checked for 2014/2015 Hunting Season.
There are currently 1397 paddlefish checked for 2015/2015 Fishing Season.


The E-check Web Portal allows sportsmen to check in their deer, turkey, paddlefish, or elk carcass online.

  • Enter your Last Name
  • Enter your Drivers License or Social Security Number.
  • Select your Birth Date with the drop down menus.
  • Select your Animal Type: Deer, Turkey, Paddlefish, or Elk. Deer is the default.
  • ball Mandatory field or information (required).
  • Select your Hunt Locations or Regions from the drop down list.
  • Click Next for the next screen.
  • Antlered Deer Definition: Any deer, regardless of sex, with at least three (3) inches of antler length above the natural hairline on either side.
  • Warning: The information you put on this form will be used to record your game harvest. Failure to provide accurate information could result in false information on your carcass tag which is a criminal offense and is subject to prosecution.
  • Use the “REPRINT CARCASS TAG” button, if you need to reprint your carcass tag or if you need to confirm you checked your animal.

Information About Turkey Check In

  1. All turkeys must be checked statewide!

DRIVERS OR SSN:EX. 449002137 No Dashes  

LOCATION, COUNTY, OR REGIONS: The region where you killed the deer, turkey, paddlefish or elk.
  • Deer regions consist of all four regions: NE, SE, SW, NW.