What Happens If I'm Drawn

Successful applicants will receive notification by mail. Those drawn may have fees due for additional licenses and/or user fees. These may be paid online anytime after July 6 through the payment deadline. Fees may be paid with a Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card.

Image of a person saying attention.Are deer, elk, antelope or turkey tags already purchased over-the-counter valid for Controlled Hunts?

No, all Controlled Hunt permits are purchased directly from the Department's License Section since they are bonus permits and do not count toward you season bag limit. You will receive written notification of the amount due if you are drawn. Payment can be made on the Department's Web site or by mailing a money order or cashier's check to the remittance address on the notification.

All maps and hunt information will be available online, and will not be mailed. Successful applicants may print this information by viewing their results and paying required fees.

Once fees are paid, maps and hunt information will be available for printing from our website.



  Permit Fee Bonus
Deer License
Bonus Turkey License Elk License Antelope License
Res. Lifetime Hunting/Combo/Senior Citizen Hunting/Combo -- -- -- -- --
Resident Disabled Veteran Lifetime Combo -- -- -- -- --
Resident Annual/Fiscal-Year -- $20 $10 $51 $51
Resident Under 18 -- $10 $10 $51 $51
Res. Nonambulatory -- $20 $10 $51 $51
Res. Military/60-90% Disabled Vet -- $20 $10 $51 $51
Res. 100% Disabled Veteran -- -- $10 $51 $51
NON-RESIDENT (including youth) $50 $201 $10 $301 $301


These fees are collected ONLY from successful applicants.
* Exempt from deer gun bonus tag only. Deer archery and muzzleloader bonus licenses must still be purchased.


Area Elk Deer Turkey
Deep Fork NWR -- $20 $20
Little River NWR -- $20 $20
McAlester AAP -- $40 $40
Salt Plains NWR -- $20 --
Sequoyah NWR -- $20 --
Tishomingo NWR -- $20 --
Washita NWR*** -- $20 --
Wichita Mts. NWR $50 $20 --


Everyone must pay the Federal User Fee to hunt in federal Areas. There Are No Exemptions. There will be no refunds for any of the above fees.

***There is no user fee for youth at Washita NWR.


  • There will be no refund for any of the above fees.

  • Money will not be accepted at the hunt site.


Once fees are paid, maps and hunt information will be available for printing from our website.