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Step 6: Online Instruction Sheet

1. Prior to applying for the Controlled Hunts, all applicants (residents and nonresidents) must possess or purchase a valid Oklahoma hunting license for the current calendar year of the drawing. Licenses can be purchased online at 
Go Outdoors Licensing System

2. Please review the hunt choices before you begin. It will be helpful to have your choices selected before beginning.


3. You will need each hunter's information:

  • Driver's license and Social Security number (DL not required for youths)
  • Date of birth
  • Hunting license number (if exempt, type "exempt" in hunting license number box)
  • Name
  • Address (city, state, ZIP code)
  • Phone number

4. Use the TAB key or your mouse to navigate the application. Please double-check license numbers and personal information to make sure it is entered correctly so your application will not be disqualified. 

5. To submit applications in multiple categories, complete the application process for one category. After printing your confirmation page for the first category, select the link to submit another application. You will be taken back to the first screen to select which category you want to apply in. As long as you submit all applications during the same session, you will not be prompted to re-enter your name, address, hunting license number, etc; this information will be retained until you close your browser window.

6. ONE $5 PAYMENT PER PERSON. You will be required to enter your credit card information. You will need to pay for your group; if you do not, the computer application will not let you continue. WHEN APPLYING ONLINE, PAYMENTS MUST BE PAID BY DEBIT/CREDIT CARD. THE ONLY DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED: VISA OR MASTERCARD.

7. After submitting your application, print your confirmation page so you have a record of the hunts you applied for. If you applied as a group, the confirmation will list all group members entered on that application. If you discover any discrepancies, contact the Wildlife Department immediately for assistance at (405) 521-3852.

8. Print the Payment Confirmation Page.

9. After completing the application, if you get a message that payment has not been received and you have submitted a payment, go to "Verify hunter information" to check your accuracy, before going back to payment information.

10. REMEMBER: Print off a Controlled Hunt Confirmation page; go to Verify Controlled Hunts Applications

If you discover any discrepancies, contact the Wildlife Department immediately for assistance at (405) 521-3852. 

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