Hunting and Fishing Access


ramp leading to a body of waterThe Department provides several specialized programs to provide for hunting and fishing opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Fishing: These piers and platforms are in urban and rural areas, on everything from small rivers to large lakes throughout the state.

Fishing piers and on-shore fishing are designed to meet the needs of people with physical disabilities, with protective railings or edges around them. The levels of accessibility of nearby parking areas and the paths leading to the piers and platforms vary from site to site.

Hunting: Special license and permits and non-ambulatory deer hunt offered through the controlled hunts program.

Precautions:With any outdoor facility exposed to the elements, there is always some degree of physical risk and considerable variability of site conditions. Due to the large areas of some of these facilities, there may be little chance that Department personnel would be at hand in case of an accident or emergency. 

Fishing Access


Hunting Access