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Aquatic Resources Education Program Logo The Aquatic Resources Education Program (AREP) promotes the sport of fishing and aquatic resource awareness as well as a way to give youth, an opportunity to learn about Oklahoma's aquatic environments and how to fish.

Public Fishing Clinic Schedule

Developed in 1988, the program's objectives are:

  • Increase the understanding, appreciation, and awareness of Oklahoma's aquatic resources.
  • Facilitate the learning of angling skills, outdoor ethics, and sport-fishing opportunities in the state.
  • Enhance urban fishing opportunities.
  • Develop Family Fishing Clinics or seminars.
  • Provide information on specialized fishing techniques.
  • FAQ's

    What is a Aquatic Resources Education Fishing Clinic?

    What is a certified volunteer? How do I become one?

    What is Oklahoma Fishing In The Schools?

    How does a school become involved with Oklahoma Fishing In The Schools?

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    A Fishing Clinic presents information on topics such as:

  • Public Clinic Schedule
  • My First Fish Award
  • Biggest Fish Award
  • Fishing in the Schools
  • How to become a Certified Volunteer information
  • Volunteer Instructor Timesheet
  • Volunteer Instructor Clinic Report Form
  • YouTube HowTo Videos