Hackberry Flat Center Wetland Classroom



child examing a wetland



What is a wetland classroom?

The state-of-the-art wetland classroom at the Hackberry Flat Center will offer students the experience of visiting a wetland and learning about wetlands in an arid region of the country. They will put on rubber boots, sweep the watery habitat with a net and bring the collected aquatic “critters” back to the classroom. They then will get a closer look through field scopes and projection scopes of their critters. This will give them a unique hands-on approach to the value of a wetland.






Who can use the wetland classroom?

 Staff with the OK Wildlife Department offer wetland classroom experiences to school groups of all ages.  The experience will be adjusted to fit the age of the children.  The wetland classroom has been designed to meet PASS skills in Standard 1-1 and 1-3 in Physical Science and Standard 2-1 in Life Science for 5th grade.




How do I schedule the wetland classroom?

For more information and to schedule the wetland classroom please email or call Melynda Hickman at (405) 990-4977.  A confirmation packet will be sent to the group contact.  The confirmation packet will provide information on how to prepare the children for the experience, what to expect and an activity to conduct with the children before arriving at Hackberry Flat. Educator’s guideline



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