Visiting Hackberry Flat Center


landscape photos of grass and native flowers




Lodging, restaurants and shopping are available in nearby Frederick




 picnic table



Amenities – The Hackberry Flat Center is open on every second Saturday of the month and for scheduled events.  Restrooms are available year-round and a pavilion offers a shady place to have a picnic.  On the back porch the visitor will find the Hackberry Flat booklet which shows a map of the area, the driving route and the official checklist of birds.




Activities - Hackberry Flat offers the visitor a walking trail that begins at the Hackberry Flat Center.  Interpretation is currently being designed for this Trail.  A driving tour will take you around the area explaining how the wetland is managed for wildlife.  Download the driving tour and or email your name and address to receive a booklet in the mail.


Birds observed during the hackberry Flat Day






Hackberry Flat is just one destination on the Hackberry Flat Loop of the Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma. The Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma is a road-based wildlife viewing trail made up of 13 different driving loops. 




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