Archives: Landowner Newsletter: Your Side of the Fence


PLEASE NOTE: The issues below are past issues of the Landowner Newsletter - Your Side of the Fence. Because these are archived issues the contact person or phone number may have changed. For current contact information view Landowner Assistance Programs or Wildlife Division.



Fall 2010

  • Controlling Aquatic Vegetation
  • The Dream Catcher Ranch
  • How Accurate is aging deer on the hoof?
  • Conserving habitat along the Canadian River
  • Channel catfish spawning structures


Spring 2010

  • Identifying Pond Weeds for Effective Control
  • Managing a Small Suburban Property for Fish
  • Growing Season Burns
  • Oklahoma's Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
  • The Hooking Accident


Winter 2009

  • How to Manage a Crappie Fishery

  • John Arkley Produces Landscape Diversity

  • Habitat for Wood Ducks

  • Oklahoma Carbon Program Encourages Conservation

  • Fine-Tuning Fire for Quail


Fall 2009

  • Managing Genetics in White-Tailed Deer

  • A Little Piece of Heaven

  • The Healthy Forest Reserve Program

  • The Alligator Snapping Turtle

  • Testing for Success

Spring 2009

  • Don't Free Lily- Too Late!

  • Managing Wildlife and Livestock in Harmony

  • The Real Fishing Hot Spot- Your Own Backyard

  • Beauty is in the Eye of the Occupant

  • Mopping Up Cedar Trees


Winter 2008

  • How 'bout Stocking Florida Bass in My Pond?

  • Tuttle Man Fosters Conservation with Family

  • CRP-SAFE Offers Stability

  • Restoring Native Prairie

  • It Pays to Have a Supporting Cast


Fall 2008

  • Feeding Catfish in Your Farm Pond

  • James Guinn- Returning to His Roots

  • The Quail Habitat Restoration Initiative

  • Game Cameras— More Than Just a Picture

  • Temporary Fire Guards

Spring 2008

  • Farm Pond Fish Harvest

  • Landowner Spotlight

  • Oklahoma Wildscapes,  Landscaping for Wildlife

  • Dove Field Management

  • Documenting Change


Winter 2007

  • Can't See the Trees For the Forest

  • Landowner Spotlight

  • Dealing with Pond Vermin

  • Forestry Assistance for Private Landowners

  • Edge Feathering Is For the Birds


Winter 2004

  • WHIP Coop Agreement
  • Streams Management
  • Renovating Old Farm Ponds

Summer 2004

  • Controlling algae
  • Meet your private lands wildlife technicians
  • Is DMAP working for you?

Winter 2003

  • Conservationist of the Year
  • Sick Fish in your Pond
  • Enhancing Your Timber
  • Turtles Friends or Foes?

Summer 2003

  • Landowner Rights
  • Protecting Your Pond
  • Pond Dam Maintenance
  • Playa Lakes Initiative

Fall 2003

  • Armadillo Management
  • Controlling Fish Grubs
  • Managing Quail Hunting
  • Catfish Spawning in Ponds

Winter 2002

  • Department Loses a Friend
  • Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
  • Prescribed Fire
  • Management of Developed Wetlands in Oklahoma
  • ODWC Names Landowner of the Year
  • Quail Habitat Loss and Fragmentation

Summer 2002

  • Landowner Cooperatives
  • Food Plots
  • Feral Hogs
  • How to Assess the Fish in Your Farm Pond

Fall 2002

  • Farm Bill 2002: What You Can Expect
  • Habitat Enhancement Equipment Available for Landowners
  • Stream bank Stabilization and Habitat Improvement for Oklahoma Streams
  • Pen-Raised Quail: Pros and Cons

Fall 2001

  • Pheasant Season Changes Adopted for 2001-2002
  • Fall/Winter Pond Activities
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Strategies For Developing Wetland Projects
  • Contacting Your Local Game Warden

Summer 2001

  • Turkey Roost Trees
  • Back to Basics - Pond Management Simplicity
  • Managing Deer On Oklahoma's Private Lands
  • Oklahoma Wetland Programs
  • Green Varmints
  • Getting to Know Your Farm Pond

Winter 2001

  • Something to Gnaw on
  • Private Lands Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP)
  • Landowner Hunting and Fishing License Exemptions
  • Landowner of the Year
  • Technical Assistance Program
  • Common Questions Concerning Farm Pond Management