Eufaula Wildlife Management Area - Gaines Creek Unit

By: Benny Farrar, Biologist at James Collins, Robbers Cave, and Eufaula (Gaines Creek) WMA’s.  Phone: (580)320-3178. 

Area Description:Gaines Creek WMA covers 3,600 acres of Pittsburg County in Southeast Oklahoma. The area is located on Highway 270 near the town of Hartshorne.  

The area is owned by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  It is the located on the very south end of Lake Eufaula.  It consists of bottomland hardwoods along the flood plain of Gaines Creek.

Game Species of Interest: 

            Deer: White-tailed deer are present in fair numbers but are highly sought after.    

            Turkey: Eastern wild turkeys are present in fair numbers but are highly sought after.  

            Rabbit: Cottontail and swamp rabbits are present in good numbers.            

            Squirrel: Gray and fox squirrels are present in good numbers.  

            Furbearers: Coyote, bobcat and raccoon are available. 

            Waterfowl: Waterfowl are usually present in good numbers along the Creek.

 Nongame Species of Interest

            Bald eagle: A few eagles often winter in the area.  

Camping and Facilities:
Camping and boat ramps are available at Hickory Point on the north end of the area.            

Fishing Opportunities:
Excellent fishing opportunities exist on the Gaines Creek arm of Lake Eufaula.  This area is known for the crappie and sand bass run in the spring.

  Gaines Creek Regulations: Seasons on public lands section of hunting regulations