Wildlife Management Areas and Other Public Lands


state map with numbers on it referencing the location of different wildlife management areas

Wildlife Management Areas are lands owned, licensed, leased or under the management of the Wildlife Division (except for the McCurtain County Wilderness Area). The primary objective on all lands owned or managed by the Department is the sound management and use of fish and wildlife resources resident thereon.

WMA’s that have shooting ranges

Beaver River
Ft. Gibson
Ft. Supply
Hickory Creek
James Collins
Three Rivers
Washita Arm

General WMA Restrictions

Public Lands Restrictions per Area

Wildlife Management Area Atlas Legend


1 Beaver River
2 Black Kettle*
3 Canton
4 Cimarron Bluff
5 Cimarron Hills
6 Cooper
7 Dewey County
8 Drummond Flats
9 Ellis County
10 Fort Supply
11 Major County
12 Optima
13 Optima NWR*
14 Packsaddle
15 Rita Blanca*
16 Salt Plains NWR*
17 Schultz
18  Washita NWR*


19 Arcadia CEA
20 Camp Gruber JMTC*
Candy Creek

23 Cookson
24 Copan
25 Deep Fork
26 Deep Fork NWR*
27 Fort Gibson
28 Heyburn
29 Hulah
30 John Dahl
31 Kaw
32 Keystone
33 Lower Illinois River
34 McClellan/Kerr
35 Okmulgee
36 Oologah
37 Osage
38 Ozark Plateau
39 Skiatook
40 Sparrow Hawk
41 Spavinaw
42 Tenkiller


Hunting on Department Lakes

American Horse Lake
Evans Chambers
Lake Hall
Jap Beaver
Louis Burtschi
Nanih Waiya
Ozzie Cobb
Doc Hollis



43 Atoka
   Atoka Public Hunting Area
44 Blue River
45 Broken Bow
46 Chickasaw National Recreational Area*

47 Eufaula
48 Fobb Bottom
49 Gary Sherrer
50 Grassy Slough 
51 Hickory Creek
52 Honobia Creek
53 Hugo
54 James Collins
55  Lake Thunderbird SP*
56 Lexington
57 Little River NWR*
58 Love Valley
59 McAlester AAP*
60 McCurtain County WA
61 McGee Creek
62 Ouachita - Cucumber Creek
63 Ouachita LeFlore Unit
64 Ouachita McCurtain Unit
65 Pine Creek
66 Pushmataha
67 Red Slough
68 Robbers Cave
69 Sequoyah NWR*
70 Stringtown
71 Texoma-Washita Arm
72 Three Rivers
73 Tishomingo NWR/WMU
74 Whitegrass Flats
75 Wister
76 Yourman


77 Altus Lugert
78 Cross Timbers
79 Fort Cobb
80 Gist
81 Grady County
82 Hackberry Flat
83 Mountain Park
84 Sandy Sanders
85 Washita County
86 Waurika
87 Wichita Mountains NWR*


Alphabetical Listing

Altus Lugert -SW
Arcadia CEA - NE
Atoka -SE
Atoka Public Hunting Area -SE
Beaver River -NW
Black Kettle - NW
Blue River -SE
Broken Bow - SE
Camp Gruber JMTC - NE
Candy Creek - NE
Canton - NW
Cherokee - NE
Chickasaw -SE
Cimarron Bluff - NW
Cimarron Hills - NW
Cookson -NE
Cooper -NW
Copan -NE
Cross Timbers - SW
Cucumber Creek - SE
Deep Fork -NE
Deep Fork NWR - NE
Dewey County - NW
Drummond Flats -NW
Ellis County - NE
Eufaula - SE
Fobb Bottom - SE
Fort Cobb - SW
Fort Gibson - NE
Fort Supply - NW
Gary Sherrer - SE
Gist -SW
Grady County  -SW
Grassy Slough  -SE
Hackberry Flat -SW
Heyburn -NE
Hickory Creek -SE
Honobia Creek - SE
Hugo -SE
Hulah -NE
James Collins -SE
John Dahl - NE
Kaw - NE
Keystone- NE
Lake Thunderbird SP - SE
Lexington -SE
Little River NWR - SE
Love Valley- SE
Lower Illinois River - NE
Major - NW
McAlester AAP -SE
McClellan/Kerr -SE
McCurtain County WA - SE
McGee Creek - SE
Mountain Park - SW
Okmulgee -NE
Oologah -NE
Optima -NW
Optima National Wildlife Refuge -NW
Osage - NE
Ouachita LeFlore Unit - SE
Ouachita McCurtain Unit -SE
Ouachita National Forest - SE
Ozark Plateau -NE
Packsaddle - NW
Pine Creek -SE
Pushmataha - SE
Red Slough - SE
Rita Blanca -NW
Robbers Cave -SE
Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge
Sandy Sanders - SW
Schultz - NW
Sequoyah NWR
Skiatook - NE
Sparrow Hawk -NE
Spavinaw -NE
Stringtown -SE
Tenkiller - NE
Texoma-Washita Arm -SE
Three Rivers - SE
Tishomingo NWR/WMU -SE
Washita County - SW
Washita NWR - NW
Waurika - SW
Whitegrass Flats - SE
Wichita Mountains NWR - SW
Wister - SE
Yourman -SE


* Denotes areas that are not managed by the Wildlife Department. These areas are owned by other agencies and hunting opportunities are managed in cooperative partnerships with the Wildlife Department.