Oklahoma Trout License Holder Survey (2002)

rainbow trout

ODWC conducted a mail survey of trout license holders in the winter of 2002.  Nearly one thousand (943) resident and non-resident trout license holders completed the survey, providing information about their trout fishing activities, preferences and satisfaction.  Presented below are responses to some of the questions presented on the survey.

All but a few of the 2001 trout license holders surveyed actually fished for trout in Oklahoma last year.  The average trout angler fished for trout 11 days in Oklahoma.


 the breakdown of the number of trout caught and released by anglers

Most trout anglers caught between 3 and 6 trout on a typical Oklahoma trout fishing day during 2001. [Click on graphic to view.]



the reasons why people no longer trout fishTrout license holders were asked to consider a list of potential reasons to explain why they did not fish for trout more often.  Of those offered, the biggest problem faced was the distance to the trout areas.



various bats that people use for trout fishingOklahoma's trout anglers used a variety of baits, but commercial bait was the most popular.



pie chart decribing the choice anglers make when catching troutTrout anglers tended to harvest some trout and release others, rather than exclusively practicing catch-and-release or exclusively keeping trout.



pie chart on when you trout which what is more importantCatching many trout was more important than catching big trout for most of the trout license holders surveyed.



pie chart of would anglers be willing to pay more for a trout licenseMost trout anglers were willing to pay $10 for their trout license (currently $7.75) if the Department could provide more trout or bigger trout, whichever was their preference from the previous question.



ODWC has considered developing Trophy Trout Zones, which would be specific sections of the lower Illinois and lower Mountain Fork Trout Areas with special regulations.  These are the only areas that can support trout year-round and can be actively managed for trout. Trout license holders were most supportive of Trophy Trout Zones that included minimum size limits, and least supportive of Zones that restricted anglers to artificial lures and flies.pie chart on how do you feel about trophy trout management - mim size limitspie chart on how do you feel about trophy trout management - reduce daily bag limitpie chart on how do you feel about trophy trout management -artificial lures & flies




bar graph with how satisfied anglers are with Oklahoma's trout programTrout license holders were most satisfied with the time spent enjoying nature while trout fishing, relaxation experienced while trout fishing, and the time spent with family and friends.


bar graph with did you fish certain trout areas in 2001The most popular ODWC trout areas were the lower Illinois River, lower Mountain Fork River, and Blue River.  



bar graph with anglers overall satisfaction with the programOverall, Oklahoma's trout license holders were satisfied with the trout program.



If you have questions about the Oklahoma Trout Fishing Questionnaire, please contact Andrea Crews at acrews@odwc.state.ok.us or (405) 522-0769.

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