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Fishing Guide List

An annual fishing guide license is required for residents and non-residents who assist, accompany, or transport, guide or aid persons in the taking of fish for commercial purposes.

The list below are known licensed fishing guides.

Business Name Phone Number Waters Guidedsort descending
Redwater Guide Service 405-585-3211 All
Kindell Fishing LLC 918-752-4512 All
Duck Life Outfitters 405-305-4923 All
Muddy Water Adventures Guide Service 918-490-3934 All
Mcbride Outside Guide Service 918-991-9749 All
Red River Trophy Adventures 903-271-0543 All
Native Waters Outtfitters 303-881-6762 All
T.Mcd's Guide Service 918-694-7077 All
Native Waters Outfitters 405-570-0417 All
Crappie Only Guide Service 918-814-5154 All Of Eastern Oklahoma
Dna's Guide Service 918-813-7659 All Of Oklahoma
Thomas Guide Service 918-837-0490 All Of Oklahoma
Bill's Guide Service 405-623-1372 All Ok Lakes
Freddies Guide Service 918-441-8681 All Oklahoma
S&S Guide Service 918-424-9586 All Oklahoma
S&S Guide Service 918-470-7016 All Oklahoma
Big Jim's Guide Service 918-302-7823 All Oklahoma Lakes
Native Waters Outdoors 303-881-6762 All Oklahoma Lakes
Afterhours Bowfishing LLC 405-250-5986 All Oklahoma Waters
Downwind Guide Service 817-909-1953 All Oklahoma Waters
Mill Creek Hunt's And Hideaway 918-618-2306 All Oklahoma Waters
Bz Guide Service 918-998-3474 All Oklahoma Waters
Southern Boyz Guide Service 580-220-5922 All Oklahoma Waters
MiLLCreek Hunts And Hideaway 918-618-3308 All Oklahoma Waters
Darkwater Adventures 405-777-8877 All Oklahoma Waters
Sardis Lake Custom Lures 918-429-9451 All Oklahoma Waters
Womacks Guide Service 580-656-5608 All Oklahoma Waters
Jc Guide Service 580-372-3511 All Oklahoma Waters
Downwind Guide Service 817-909-1953 All Oklahoma Waters
Scott's Outdoors 918-360-2534 All Oklahoma Waters
Postier Fishing 918-244-9928 All Waters
Beaver's Bend Fly Fishing 903-431-9388 All Waters
Nailedem Crappie Guide Service 405-380-2525 All Waters In Oklahoma, Specializing In Lake Eufaula
Striper Fever Outfitters 580-230-1962 All, But Mostly Lake Texoma
Lu And Allen Lawson LLC 580-374-3809 Allen Lawson
Curtsguideservice.Com 580-351-8110 Altus, Cobb, Ellsworth, Lawtonka
Gotta Go Guides 405-401-2140 Any OKC Lake (Arcadia, Etc..)
Okie Outlaw Bowfishing 405-416-0068 Arbuckle,Konawa,Texhoma,Thunderbird
Eastern Oklahoma Guide Services, LLC 918-817-8830 Arkansas River, Robert S Kerr, Grand, Eufaula
Hollis Guide Service 918-235-1314 Arkansas River/ Kerr Reservoir
Big Daves Guide Service 580-559-9184 Atoka, Hugo, Eufaula
Justin Lews Fly Fishing Guide 903-609-2096 Beavers Bend Lower Mountain Fork River
Scott Shipman Take & Teach Spoonbill Trips 405-612-6494 Below Kaw Dam
Holmes Custom Jigs & Guide Service 918-721-9262 Ben Holmes
On The Line Fishing Guide Service 918-853-3792 Birch, Kiatook, Keystone, Ft Gibson, Oolagah, Hudson
Bigfoot Bass Guide 580-212-8984 Broken Bow And Pine Creek
Broken Bow Lake Crappie Guide Service 580-306-1050 Broken Bow Lake
J's Jigs & Guide Service 580-286-1558 Broken Bow Lake And Pine Creek Lake
Kendall’S Guide Services 580-212-6384 Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake
Broken Bow Lake Crappie Guide Service 580-236-0040 Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake
Hook's Guide Service 580-236-1744 Broken Bow Lake, Pine Creek Lake
Politically Incorrect Guide Service 319-541-1249 Broken Bow Lake. Mountain Fork River, Glover River
Bigsticks Guide Service 580-306-2969 Broken Bow, Lower Mountain Fork
Bob's Guide Service 580-306-9376 Broken Bow, Lower Mountain Fork
Bransons Guide Service 580-306-3865 Broken Bow, Mountain Fork
Brandons Guide Service 580-236-3017 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Broken Bow Guide Service 870-582-4561 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Rudys Guide Service 580-306-2838 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Garys Guide Service 918-571-8881 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Bruce's Guide Service 580-306-5222 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
J & M Guide Services 325-212-8689 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Doug Storey Guide Service 580-306-0522 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
B's Guide Service 580-306-7928 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Clints Guide Service 580-931-7577 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Broken Bow Live Scope Lessons 903-276-5758 Broken Bow, Pine Creek
Broken Bow Lake 4 Seasons Guide Service 580-306-8149 Broken Bow, Pine Creek Lake
Mike's Crappie Guide Service 580-612-8216 Broken Bow, Pine Creek, Hugo
Carper's Fishing Inc. 580-716-2024 Broken Bow, Pine Creek, Hugo Lake, Mcgee Creek, Glover River
One More Cast 615-554-7778 Broken Bow, Pine Creek, Hugo, Mcgee Creek, Eufaula.
Gibson's Guide Service 918-207-5595 Broken Bow, Pine Creek, Tenkiller
K & S 580-236-2311 Broken Bow, Raymond Gary, Pine Creek
B & B Fishing Guide 580-212-0106 Broken Bow,Pine Creek,Hugo,  Mcgee
Taylor'D To Fish 918-779-5282 Caleb Taylor
Wild Goose Guide Service 405-590-5025 Canton, Foos, Ft Supply, Ft Cobb
Bguide Fishing Services 580-216-7221 Canton, Ft Cobb, Foss, Sooner
Bowan Nyberg 580-216-7226 Canton, Sooner, Ft. Cobb, Foss
Sd Outdoors 918-232-3169 Copan, Oolagah, Skiatook, Birch, Hula, Grand, Keystone
The Crappie Cowboy Guide Service 918-430-6884 Craig F Nichols
Penetrator Bowfishing 918-930-0826 Eucha, Fort Gibson, Grand, Hudson, Tenkiller
Dandkguide Service 918-470-7133 Eufaula
D And K Guide Service 918-420-6422 Eufaula
Double Hh Fishing Guide 918-281-5684 Eufaula
Bills Fishing Service 918-429-8219 Eufaula
Richard Saccaro Charters 918-916-3995 Eufaula
Outdoor Adventure Guide Service 918-758-9139 Eufaula
Crppie Killer Dave Guide Service 918-565-9691 Eufaula
Allen's Fishing Adventures 918-689-0881 Eufaula
Okie Fishing Guide Service 918-315-0019 Eufaula, Arkansas River
Barnett's Crappie Guide Service 918-470-6607 Eufaula, Atoka
Hackler Fishing Guide Service 918-424-2691 Eufaula, Atoka, Hugo And Other Surrounding Lakes
Hawkins Catfish Guide 405-306-6459 Eufaula, Canadian River
Marks Crappie Guide Service 918-441-1453 Eufaula, Ft Gibson, Tenkiller
Fired Up Outdoors Bowfishing 405-590-3302 Eufaula, Texoma, Tenkiller,Gibson,Grand
Catchem All Guide Service 214-850-8317 Eufaula,Texoma
Upright Bowfishing 918-470-0003 Eufaula  Gibson Tenkiller
Dodd's Guide Service 918-424-7408 Eufuala
Hobbs Guide Service 580-302-4737 Fort Cobb, Ellsworth, Latonka, Foss, Lugert
Willie's Bowfishing Guide Service 405-819-4196 Fort Cobb, Foss, Canton, Tom Steed
Bite Be Fishing Guide Service 918-740-7030 Fort Gibson
Katdaddy's Guide Service 785-224-8138 Ft Gibson Lake And Verdigris River
Jonboat's Guide Service 918-855-3961 Ft Gibson, Oologah, Eufaula, Hudson
Nowake Guide Service 417-592-9739 Grand
Fish On Guide Services 417-214-8645 Grand
Nowake Guide Service 417-592-9739 Grand
Get Hooked Guide Service 918-801-5528 Grand
Get Hooked 918-801-5528 Grand
B & C Fishing Adventures LLC 918-864-0562 Grand , Gibson , Hudson , Keystone, Skiatook
B & C Fishing Adventures LLC 918-864-2885 Grand , Gibson, Hudson , Skiatook, Keystone
Muddy Arrow Bowfishing Guide Service 918-752-5092 Grand Hudson Oolagah Ft Gibson Tenkiller
Corey's Guide Service 417-693-6571 Grand Lake
Gene Pearcy Fishing Guide Service 918-964-9776 Grand Lake
High Waters Guide Service 417-499-6633 Grand Lake
Black's Cove Guide Service 918-314-6545 Grand Lake
Grandlakefishinguide.Com 918-810-0064 Grand Lake, Eufaula Lake
Davis Guide Service LLC 918-990-1040 Grand Lake, Oolagah, Hudson, Ft. Gibson, Eucha, Eufaula, Tenkiller, Spavinaw, Arkansas River
Steve Lippitt 918-440-0541 Grand Lake, Oologah,Kaw, And Keystone
Jims Guide Service 918-261-3987 Grand Lake,Oologah
The Hookup Guide Service 479-957-0232 Grand river
Williams Guide Service 618-946-6294 Grand, Eucha
Austin Fishing Adventures 479-531-8555 Grand, Eucha, Oologah
Hatfields Guide Service 918-314-2223 Grand, Hudson, Ollagah
Bogle's Guide Service 918-782-7267 Grand, Hudson, Spavinaw, and Eucha
Jaw Droppers Guide Service 918-353-3530 Grand, Hudson, Spavinaw, Eucha, Ft Gibson, Eufaula
Grand River Monster Bowfishing Charters 918-864-1605 Grand, Hudson, Spavinaw, Tenkiller, Ft. Gibson
Infinity Fishing 918-786-3474 Grand, Ne Oklahoma Lakes
Spoonbill Wreckers 918-533-3825 Grand, Neosho
Spoonbill Wreckers 918-533-3825 Grand, Neosho
Lance's Guide Service 918-607-7357 Grand, Oologah, Kaw, Skiatook, Keystone, Fort Gibson, Copan
Tar Creek Outdoors 918-520-1375 Grand, Skiatook, Neosho, Grand
Alexander Guide Service 918-314-0276 Grandlake
Baldwin's Guide Service 405-508-1191 Hefner, Overholser, Draper, Thunderbird, Arcadia, Sooner
Roland Guide Service 580-298-7794 Hugo Sardis
Circle B Guideing Service 580-889-0411 Hugo, Atoka, Eufuala
Bubba's Crappie Guide 972-439-7636 Hugo, Durant, Colgate, Texoma
Randy’S Guide Service Lake Texoma 806-664-1803 Iake Texoma
Green Country Fly Guy 918-914-9931 Illiniois River And Tributaries
Creek Adventures 918-236-1151 Illinois River
On The Fly Fly Fishing 918-931-1052 Illinois River/Cedar Lake
Thin Blue Line Fishing, LLC 405-550-1007 Inland Waters
Jimmy Bishop's Striper Guide Service 580-564-1341 Jimmy Bishops
Top Shot LLC 580-304-4494 Kaw
Top Shot LLC 580-304-4494 Kaw
Kaw Lake Fishing Guide 580-327-7796 Kaw
Slabs N Whiskers Fishing Guides 580-761-7399 Kaw
Bear Creek Cabins And Fishing Guide Service 580-716-6365 Kaw
Michael Burge 580-541-9140 Kaw Lake
Reel Adventures Guide Service 580-554-3474 Kaw Sooner, Carl Blackwell
Paul's Guide Service 918-338-9106 Kaw, Oolagah, Keystone, Copan, Skiatook, Hulah
Jimmys Tours 620-360-4735 Kaw, Sooner, Ponca
Keystone Lake Paddlefish Charters 918-798-6425 Kestone, Kaw, Grand, Eufaula, Oolagah
Cross Guide Service 580-548-7660 Keystone
Reel Good Time Guide Service, LLC 918-695-0296 Keystone
Rodney’S Guide Service 918-691-5007 Keystone Lake, Skiatook Lake, Sooner Lake, Fort Gibson Lake
Pulley Fish Guide Service 405-403-3355 Keystone, Fort Gibson, Tenkiller, Eufala, Skiatook
Mojo Guide Service 918-946-0362 Keystone, Oolagah, Eufaula, Skiatook And Grand
918 Fishing Adventures 918-918-7918 Keystone, Oologah, Ft. Gibson, Kaw, Skiatook
Tj Fishing Co And Guide Service 918-815-1256 Keystone, Skiatook Oolagah, Eaufaula, Grand
Paul Nickens Guide Service 918-991-5923 Keystone, Skiatook, Ft. Gibson
Karstetter Guide Service 918-430-4365 Keystone, Skiatook, Sooner, Arkansas River
Hawker's Guide Service 918-261-6804 Keystone, Skiatook, Sooner, Ft Gibson
Tallmandans Guide Service 918-706-6232 Keystone, Skiatook, Sooner, Ft.Gibson
River Cat Guide Services 918-508-6640 Keystone, Tenkiller, Fort Gibson
Mike's Guide Service 580-351-8070 Lake Ellsworth
Hook'D Guide Service 918-424-9114 Lake Eufaula And Surrounding Lakes
Lake Murray Fishing Charters 405-620-4064 Lake Murray
Playin-Hooky LLC 417-973-5314 Lake Texoma
Gator's Guide Service 620-741-4034 Lake Texoma
Brandon's Guide Service 580-565-2433 Lake Texoma
Eds Striper Fishing 903-647-5102 Lake Texoma
Sparky's Guide Service 918-706-4428 Lake Texoma
Okie -Tex 580-221-3519 Lake Texoma
Darryle Wagnon Guide Service 580-320-2092 Lake Texoma
Gone Fishin' Guide Service 405-850-2292 Lake Texoma
Ken Gray's Guide Service 580-235-6847 Lake Texoma
Price Guide Service 903-647-2724 Lake Texoma
Arrow-Wood Outdoors 717-398-1829 Lake Texoma
Hook'D Up Guide Service 405-245-2944 Lake Texoma
Sparky's Guide Service 580-305-0533 Lake Texoma
Little Jon's Texoma Striper Guide Service 580-564-6076 Lake Texoma
McCraws Striper Guide Service 903-462-3303 Lake Texoma
Hook'D Up Guide Service 405-229-0898 Lake Texoma
Big Country Lake Texoma Guide Service 580-263-9413 Lake Texoma
Daniel Guide Service 580-399-0851 Lake Texoma
Papa Bob's Guide Service 580-263-0036 Lake Texoma
Triple Header Fishing Guide 817-988-1605 Lake Texoma
Reel Fishing Striper Guide 580-380-6024 Lake Texoma
Mojo Striper Guide Service 405-401-8534 Lake Texoma
Cornett's Guide Service 580-795-4117 Lake Texoma
Reel Fishing 580-380-6024 Lake Texoma
Aquatic Assault Guide Service 480-630-1414 Lake Texoma
Cory Kerbo 580-564-7001 Lake Texoma
Sparky's Guide Service 918-706-4428 Lake Texoma
Cox Striper Guide Service 405-756-5676 Lake Texoma
Texoma "T" Guide Service 514-564-2515 Lake Texoma
North Texas Guide Service 903-271-1559 Lake Texoma
Finally Fishing Guide Service 918-649-5063 Lake Texoma
Three D's Guide Service 580-768-9740 Lake Texoma
Texoma Striper Kings 903-816-2853 Lake Texoma
Reel Easy Fishing LLC 580-221-3482 Lake Texoma
Larry Williams Dba Striper Stalker Guide Serv 580-564-5963 Lake Texoma
Tom's Guide Service 251-752-5261 Lake Texoma
Stovers Guide Service 580-564-6250 Lake Texoma
Cgc Guide Service 580-564-7177 Lake Texoma
Ron Dobbs Texoma Guide Service 580-564-0448 Lake Texoma
Standard Guide Service 580-565-9154 Lake Texoma
Lc Guide Service 580-795-6753 Lake Texoma
Reel Time Striper Guide Service 405-990-4351 Lake Texoma
Stowe Guide Service 580-565-4933 Lake Texoma
Big D's Fishing Guide Service 903-821-2308 Lake Texoma
Cross Creek Guide Service 903-786-3981 Lake Texoma
Chris Stowe Guide Service 580-565-9037 Lake Texoma
Okie-Tex Outfitters 580-564-5868 Lake Texoma
Crosswinds Guide Service 405-481-6209 Lake Texoma
Stringer Guide Service 903-815-1053 Lake Texoma
James Carter 580-775-7197 Lake Texoma
Sparky's Guide Service 580-305-0533 Lake Texoma
Advantage Guide Service 580-624-0022 Lake Texoma
B& B Guide Service 903-821-7608 Lake Texoma
Cabin Fever Adventures 817-454-0713 Lake Texoma
Bearded Dog Striper Guide Service 580-740-1877 Lake Texoma
Reel Livin Guide Service 972-922-3269 Lake Texoma
Dale Bestwina Fishing & Hunting Guide Service 214-668-6421 Lake Texoma
Trails Guide Service 580-564-5398 Lake Texoma
Captain Martys Lake Texoma Fishing Guides 903-821-8800 Lake Texoma
A&B Fishing Lure Guide Service 580-374-2966 Lake Texoma
Circle B Guide Service 580-565-0120 Lake Texoma
Swamp Donkey Guide Service 580-301-3879 Lake Texoma
Boog's Guide Service 903-815-3855 Lake Texoma
Get'N Spooled Guide Service 580-222-8252 Lake Texoma
Jerry's Guide Service 580-564-6591 Lake Texoma
Cd's Guide Service 580-565-4340 Lake Texoma
Rr Guide Service 817-229-4064 Lake Texoma
Action Guide Service 806-570-4179 Lake Texoma / Red River
Bill Miller Texoma Striper Guide 918-807-7480 Lake Texoma, Lake Keystone
Fuller's Guide Service 405-517-1788 Lake Texoma, Lake Murray
Beard Brothers Guide Service 405-464-1068 Lake Texoma, Lake Murray
Slab Slayer Guide Service 580-371-5864 Lake Texoma, Lake Murray, Lake Of The Arbuckles
Wingo's Guide Service 580-380-5975 Lake Texoma, Red River
Experience Fishing.Net 405-620-1022 Lower Illinois River, Kerr Reservoir, Fort Gibson, Lake Tenkiller
3 River Guide Service 405-258-8828 Lower Illinois, Lower Canadian, Kerr
Oklahoma Fly Fishing Guide 405-538-1974 Lower Illinois, Lower Mountain Fork
Stephen On The Fly 405-249-7537 Lower Illinois, Mtn Fork, Arkansas
Beavers Bend Fly Fishing Guide Service 580-583-4412 Lower Mountain Fork
Broken Bow Trout Guide 580-982-3670 Lower Mountain Fork River
Beavers Bend Fly Shop 972-768-4753 Lower Mountain Fork River
Beavers Bend Fly Shop 580-494-6071 Lower Mountain Fork River
Beavers Bend Fly Fishing Guide Service 580-583-4412 Lower Mountain Fork River
On The Rivers Fly Fishing Company 580-969-0472 Lower Mountain Fork River
Beavers Bend Fly Shop 580-484-6071 Lower Mountain Fork River
Hirthel Chapman 972-268-3224 Lower Mountain Fork River
Dfwflycasting 214-738-1906 Lower Mountain Fork River
Fly Fish More LLC 405-990-5592 Lwr Mtn Fork River
Trophy Bass Guide Service 580-889-6742 Mcgee Creek, Lake Sardis
Bonefisc Striper Guide 405-765-9623 Mike Fischer
Full Spool Crappie Guide 479-462-5095 Oklahoma City Owned, And Surrounding Lakes
Rip-N-Lip Guide Service 918-693-2799 Oklahoma lakes
Stretch’n Line Guide Service LLC 405-650-4488 Oklahoma Public Waters
CW Fishing 918-637-5630 Oklahoma Waters
Hayes Guide Service 918-698-6633 Oologah Lake
Advanced Angling Guide Service 918-973-3633 Oologah Skiatook
Starkey Outdoors 918-857-3054 Oologah, Ft.Gibson, Grand Lake, Skiatook, Keystone, Eufaula, Sooner
Bub's Guide Service 580-212-5910 Pine Creek Lake, Broken Bow Lake
David's Guide Service 580-306-4627 Pine Creek Lake, Broken Bow Lake
Tink's Crappie Service 580-212-7918 Pine Creek, Hugo Lake, Broken Bow Lake
Jake Keenom Guide Service 405-481-9923 Prague
Boars Nest LLC 580-703-3333 Sardis, Kerr, Arkansas
Pryors Bass Guide Service 918-503-6327 Sardis, Kerr, Wister, Mcgee Creek
Larry's Hook Line And Sinker Guide Service 918-830-0007 Skiatook, Keystone, Oolagah, Fort Gibson, Sooner
Tightline Guide Service 918-200-5000 Skiatook, Keystone, Sooner
Fish On 918-724-6786 Skiatook, Sooner, Carl Blackwell, Oologah, Fort Gibson
Pope Fishing Tours 918-805-3175 Skiatook, Sooner, Oologah, Ft Gibson, Lower Illinois
Hayden Matthews Bowfishing LLC 405-535-4416 Sooner Lake, Kaw Lake Eufaula
Paul Tennies Guide Service 405-408-3474 Sooner, Kaw, Carl Blackwell
Catch-Em-All With Rob Daul 479-462-6435 Tenkiller, Cedar, Eufaula
Revelation Fishing, LLC 918-603-2149 Tenkiller, Ft.Gibson, Eufaula, Arkansas River
Duchess Creek Outfitters 918-635-5926 Tenkiller, Illinois River, Eufaula, Robbers Cave, Sardis Lake, Kiamichi River, Blue River
Tod Coaliron Striper Guide 580-565-2124 Texoma
Gone Hook'N Guide Service 580-377-8930 Texoma
Trophy Fishing Adventures 903-818-0995 Texoma
Hookin J Guide Service 903-227-1650 Texoma
Cline's Guide Service 903-821-5864 Texoma
Adventure Texoma Outdoors 903-814-5566 Texoma
Fish With Mitch Guide Service 405-229-6191 Texoma
Texoma Striper Company 405-308-2178 Texoma
Blue Water Striper Guide Service 580-916-6298 Texoma
Texoma Striper Company 405-308-2178 Texoma
Mickey Rose Guide Service 580-564-9345 Texoma
Lake Texoma Striper Hunter Guide Service 972-816-6000 Texoma
Tony’s Guide Service 817-694-5887 Texoma
Cody’S Guide Service 903-815-0273 Texoma
Barefootguideservice.Com 972-837-8391 Texoma
Striper Express Guide Service 402-871-7967 Texoma
T & G Guide Service 405-625-2646 Texoma
Lewis Guide Service 580-380-0194 Texoma
Fossil Creek Guide Service 514-276-2961 Texoma
Hooked On Rods Guide Service 940-736-9953 Texoma
Texomastriperfishing.Com 903-786-9279 Texoma
Anthony's Guide Service 405-204-6808 Texoma
Rr Guide Service 817-307-5443 Texoma
Brian Hair 903-815-0710 Texoma
Boe's Guide Service 903-821-8473 Texoma
Rex Bridges Guide Service 903-814-8400 Texoma
Pr Guide Service 817-307-5443 Texoma
Big Water 580-281-0780 Texoma
Mike Keppinger’S Texoma Fishing Guide Servic 405-640-1193 Texoma
Cornetts Guide Service 580-564-5872 Texoma
Striperman.Com 214-384-9682 Texoma
Jr Lake Texoma Guide Service 580-565-0107 Texoma
Jayson's Guide Service 903-814-7291 Texoma
Wheelers Guide Service 405-740-8108 Texoma
Dw's Guide Service 936-596-8131 Texoma
Keepin It Reel Striper Guide Service 903-271-5386 Texoma
Donalds Striper Guide Service 972-569-7990 Texoma
Texoma Sport Fishing 903-821-5693 Texoma
Adventure Texoma 903-744-6169 Texoma
Texoma Trips 940-465-4450 Texoma
Fightin Stripes 806-576-7702 Texoma
Harkins Guide Service 580-564-6076 Texoma
Buckley Striper Guide Service 972-345-8516 Texoma
Garys Striper Guide Service 405-570-3304 Texoma
H&M Bowfishing 580-565-2747 Texoma
Mj Hartmans Guide Service 214-789-6447 Texoma
Moe Rogers’S Guide Service 580-564-5710 Texoma
Refuge Rd Fishing Guide 903-271-0305 Texoma
Mr Clean's Guide Service 580-564-4054 Texoma
Striper Express 903-786-4477 Texoma
Reel Lucky Fishing 580-334-8066 Texoma
4:19 Striper Guide Service 580-380-2778 Texoma
Baskins Guide Service 580-920-3536 Texoma
Carneys Guide Service 405-249-1069 Texoma
Justin Parker’S Guide Service 903-271-4665 Texoma
Southern Wind Guide Service 580-320-8476 Texoma
Big Bob Guide Service 905-271-1908 Texoma
Gator's Guide Service 620-741-4034 Texoma
Four Seasons Guide Service 903-465-5262 Texoma
Flywater Angling Adventures 903-815-4197 Texoma
American Striper Guides 915-587-6638 Texoma
Sharpstriperguide 580-380-5357 Texoma
Sparkys Guide Service 940-727-3249 Texoma
Shaw's Guide Service 214-534-6767 Texoma
Pierce Guide Services 580-569-6991 Texoma
Okie-Tex-Outfitters 580-564-5868 Texoma
Mike's Striper Guide Service 580-564-5238 Texoma
Hooked On Rods Guide Service 940-736-9953 Texoma
Stephen French 512-413-8785 Texoma
Striper Cat Guide Service 479-283-2854 Texoma
Bob Santino Striper Guide 580-565-4672 Texoma Lake
2 Locks Catfish Guide 405-535-4308 Texoma, Eufaula, Arcadia
Travis Nossamans Hunting And Fishing Guide Service 405-831-4451 Texoma, Ft Cobb, Canton, Foss
River Bottom Boys Guide Service LLC 405-464-6644 Texoma, Hugo, And All City Lakes For Catch And Release Only
Reelin' Them Guide Service 580-579-0124 Texoma, Hugo, Atoka, Arbuckle
Your Way Guide Service 580-565-0184 Texoma, Murray, Arbuckle
Capt. Steve Barnes Guide Service 940-844-0910 Texoma, Red River
Troy’S Guide Service 580-916-2515 Texoma,Murray
Checkurfly Guide Service 918-809-4629 Upper And Lower Illinois
Illinois River Outfitters LLC 918-822-3528 Upper Illinois River
Tightline Catfishing Guide Service 580-736-3564 Waurika, Texoma, Ellsworth
Wsd’S Crappie Guide Service 479-431-7844 Wister Lake, Kerr Lake
H.Willy’S Guide Service 469-651-8514 Wister, Kerr, Eufaula, And Tenkiller