Fishing Reports - Southeast


map of southeast oklahoma with the locations of lakes in that region1. Arbuckle
Broken Bow
McGee Creek
Pine Creek
Robert S. Kerr
Lower Mountain Fork River
15. Blue River

16. Robber's Cave State Park

Arbuckle:: May 10. Elevation 1 1/3 ft. below normal, water 71 and cloudy. Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass fair on jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits and flukes from the surface to 15 ft. around brush structure, rocks, weed beds and flats along creeks; inflow of water has greatly stained the lake but spinnerbaits are good in new grass. Crappie fair on jigs, small lures, hair jigs, tube jigs and minnows at 18 ft. around coves, docks, weed beds and marked brush piles. White bass good on lipless baits, topwater lures, small lures and wiggle-tail grubs at 5 ft. along flats, creek channels and coves. Report submitted by Jack Melton.

Blue River: May 19. Elevation rising, water 65 and murky. Channel catfish good on worms, stinkbait and shrimp at 2-4 ft. along shorelines, rocks and shallows. High flow has most catfish in shallow areas. All other fishing is slow due to high water conditions. Report submitted by Matt Gamble, biologist at the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area.

Broken Bow: May 17. All boat ramps are closed; no access to the water. Report submitted by Dru Polk, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.

Eufaula:  May 17. Elevation 13 ft. above normal, water murky. Largemouth bass slow. White bass fair around culverts with current and below the dam. Blue catfish good on various baits along shallow flooded flats. Crappie slow. Report submitted by Ed Rodebush, game warden stationed in McIntosh County.

Hugo: May 17. Elevation 23 ft. above normal and rising, water 66. Very limited access to the lake. Catfish good on juglines baited with shrimp, minnows, cut bait and live bait. Blue catfish fair to good on cut bait below the dam. All other fishing slow. Report submitted by Jay Harvey, game warden stationed in Choctaw and Bryan counties.

Konawa: May 18. Elevation normal, water 74 and clear. Largemouth bass good on jerk baits, topwater lures and plastic baits at 2-6 ft. along shallows, weed beds and coves. White bass fair on crankbaits, spoons, jigs and sassy shad at 4-8 ft. along creek channels, riprap and points. Channel catfish good on dough bait, worms, stinkbait and cut bait at 4-10 ft. around points, creek channels and the discharge. Report submitted by Tyler Howser, game warden stationed in Seminole County.

Lower Mountain Fork: May 17. Elevation above normal, water 63 and turbid. Trout good on PowerBait and salmon eggs along creek channels. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.

May 8. Stocked 2,100 lbs., approximately 2,130 rainbow trout on May 7. Report submitted by April Drake, secretary at the Southeast Regional Office.

McGee Creek:
May 17. Elevation 18 ft. above normal, water 68 and clear. Channel catfish good on juglines baited with cut bait and sunfish at 6-20 ft. around standing timber and the river mouth. Report submitted by Larry Luman, game warden stationed in Atoka County.

Murray: May 19. Elevation below normal, water 68 and muddy. Largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass slow on crankbaits, tube jigs and spinnerbaits at 5-15 ft. around points, standing timber and rocks. Channel catfish fair on chicken liver, punch bait, worms and shad at 5-12 ft. along channels, rocks and riprap. Report submitted by Jeremy Brothers, game warden stationed in Carter County.

Pine Creek: May 17. Elevation above normal, water muddy. All boat ramps and recreation areas are closed due to high water. Largemouth bass slow on crankbaits along creek channels. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.

Robber's Cave State Park: No report submitted.

Robert S. Kerr: May 18. Elevation normal, water muddy. Channel catfish excellent on punch bait and Danny King punch bait at 2-6 ft. along creek channels and mouths of creeks. Crappie slow on minnows along shallows and weed beds. Flathead catfish good on trotlines and juglines baited with shrimp and shad at 5-12 ft. along the river channel and riprap. Largemouth bass fair on spinnerbaits and crankbaits at 2-5 ft. along weed beds and shorelines. Report submitted by J. D. Stauffer, game warden stationed in Haskell County.

Sardis: May 14. Lake is at flood stage, all ramps are closed and the lake is inaccessible. Some fish are being caught below the dam. Report submitted by Dane Polk, game warden stationed in Latimer and Pushmataha counties.

Texoma: May 17. Elevation above normal, water 70 and clear in the south and muddy in the north. Most boat ramps are closed. Largemouth and smallmouth bass fair on jigs, plastic baits and crankbaits at 10-20 ft. along creek channels, standing timber and coves. Striped and white bass fair on live shad and sassy shad at 10-30 ft. in the main lake and river channel. Channel and blue catfish good on worms, stinkbait, minnows and live bait at 10-20 ft. along creek channels, river channel and coves. Crappie and sunfish fair on minnows, tube jigs and small lures at 5-15 ft. along riprap, shorelines and docks. Report submitted by Danny Clubb, game warden stationed in Bryan County.

Wister: May 17. Elevation rising, water 65. Largemouth bass slow on spinnerbaits at 2-5 ft. along shallows. Channel catfish slow on cut bait at 4-8 ft. along channels. Crappie slow on minnows and jigs below the dam. Report submitted by Randy Fennell, game warden stationed in Le Flore County.

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