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Golden Alga

How you can help stop the spread of Golden Alga.

Monthly Risk Level for Golden Alga (10/11/2012)

Lake Texoma GA Sampling Sites

Wilson Creek LOW
Lebanon Pool LOW
Briar Creek LOW
E. Keeton Creek LOW
Buncombe Creek LOW
Soldier Creek LOW
Johnson Creek LOW
Catfish Bay LOW
Altus City Lake LOW


LOW GA present - no toxins
MODERATE GA present - toxins not present
HIGH GA present - toxins present

If you suspect golden alga or see dead or dying fish -

Okla. Dept of Wildlife Conservation
Matt Mauck
Caddo Office
2021 Caddo Hwy
(580) 924-4087 (office hours)


How To Tell If Golden Alga Is Present

  • Water may be golden in color - picture
  • There may be foam along the shoreline - picture
  • Fish may pipe at the water’ surface, seek refuge or leap onto shore
  • The gills of affected fish are usually inflamed
  • There may be bleeding around the base of fins and under scales

Always Take Action Before Leaving A Lake

  • Drain all live wells, motors, transom wells, and bilges on land.
  • Wash and flush the boat, trailer, live wells, bilges with clean, fresh water to remove any golden alga hitchhikers.
  • Empty your bait bucket on land before leaving the lake.
  • Never release live bait into a water body.

Report dead or dying fish and wildlife to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.