Lake Nanih Waiya

By:  Don Groom,  Southeast Fisheries Supervisor. Phone (918) 297-0153

Location: Located 1.5 miles northwest of Tuskahoma in Pushmataha County.

Driving Directions: From Clayton – 5 miles northeast on U.S. Hwy 271, ½ mile north on N4340.

Recreational Facilities: 2 boat ramps, fishing jetties and primitive camping.

Lake History: Lake Nanih Waiya was constructed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1958.

Primary Uses: Angling and general recreation

Physical Description:

Surface area......  131 ac.
Volume ............. 1,064 ac.ft
Average depth......... 8.1 ft.
Shoreline development............0
Maximum depth ....................  25 ft.
Shoreline length ......................  3 mi.

Fish Species of Interest:

Largemouth Bass,  Bluegill Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, Crappie, Channel Catfish

Notable Characteristics of Lake or Fishery: Nutrient loading and water chemistry has promoted excessive aquatic vegetation. Nanih Waiya has a wide variety of fish species including grass pickerel and bowfin.

Special Regulations: Largemouth/smallmouth bass; six (6) combined per day of which only one (1) may be 22 inches or longer/ 16-22 inch protected slot limit. Channel and/or blue catfish six (6) per day no size limit. Fishing limited to two rods and reels only per person. Fishing limited to rod and reed and bowfishing. No other method of fishing is allowed.

Habitat Types Status and Improvements: The Lake has an excess of vegetation that can make fishing the lake a challenge. Recent herbicide application has been effective in reducing vegetation around jetties and other areas of the lake. Triploid grass carp stocked in 2011 will assist in controlling vegetation. In 2011, woody vegetation thinned near the primary boat ramp on the east side of the lake has improved bank access. Further efforts to improve bank access around the lake will continue. Staff will continue to reduce and gain control on aquatic vegetation to improve fishing for all anglers. The lake has four marked fish attractors made up of brush piles. Staff refurbished these attractors in 2011. Riprap along the dam and some standing timber provide additional fishing opportunities. Access roads that did not lead to the water have closed due to littering/dumping. Restrooms have been removed due to vandalism.

Description of Fish Management Practices: The 16-22” protected slot limit was removed in 2011. Effective immediately, six (6) largemouth bass over the 14” minimum length limit may be harvested each day. Annual 9” channel catfish stockings will continue at a rate of 40 per acre. Future stocking rates and frequency could be adjusted following an examination of catch rates and growth rates during summer netting surveys. Total largemouth bass abundance was moderate during 2009 electrofishing surveys. Quality LMB 14” and over are present in moderate to high abundance. A 5.5 lbs., 20” LMB was recorded as the largest of the sample.

Hunting: All forms of hunting are permitted during open hunting seasons from September 1 through spring turkey season. Hunting is restricted to shotguns and bows only. These lakes are closed to antlerless deer harvest, except during archery season. Hunting and shooting other than provided above is prohibited. “Closed areas” may be designated for purposes of safety and/or security.