Northeast Fishing Access 


Adair Rec. Area: This area has easy access to the water's edge at normal lake levels. Adair County, 918-696-6613

Bell Cow Lake: Located at Chandler, this lake has a new covered fishing dock.  Lincoln County, 405-258-3212.

Bixby City Lake (Bixhoma):  The northwest shoreline has a fishing dock. Wagnor County, 918-366-3859

Boomer Lake:  Just north of Stillwater, this lake has eight new fishing berms. Payne County, 405-747-8070

Bristow City Lake (George Horaney Lake):  New easy-access facilities at this lake include a fishing dock, berm and bridge. Creek County, 918-367-6233.

Chandler Lake: Lincoln County, 405-258-3200

Claremore City Lake:  A wheelchair-accessible fishing pier is located near the Lake Ranger's office. Rogers County, 918-341-1238.

Corps Lakes: Most public-use areas on such corps lakes as Fort Gibson and Tenkiller have considerable shoreline access for fishing. Newt Graham and Chouteau have permanent boating docks with asphalt ramps leading from the parking areas.

Dale Zachary Pond: Wagoner County, no phone.

Eucha:  These lakes have easy access to the water's edge at normal lake levels. Delaware County, 918-253-4344.

Fort Gibson Lake: The Taylor Ferry and Flat Rock Creek areas have privately operated, heated fishing docks. On the west side of the lake some access is possible from jetties and berms.

Grand Lake: The Snowdale Recreation area has easy-access shoreline areas. Many of the private resorts operate fishing dock concessions. Ottawa, Delaware, and Mayes Counties, 918-256-5545, Grand Lakes Association 918-786-2289

Greenleaf: Muskogee County 918-487-5196

Haskell City Lake: Muskogee county 918-482-3933

Hominy City Lake: This lake has a new easy-access fishing dock. Osage County, 918-885-2164

Hunter Park Pond: Accessible fishing docks. Located in South Tulsa (Jenks)

Hudson: This lake has easy access to the water's edge at normal lake levels. Mayes county 918-256-5545.  Hudson Dogwood Marina 918-434-5181.

Kaw Lake: Easy access to to the water's edge is available in many of the public-use areas. The concrete walk along the spillway is also accessible.

Keystone Lake: Many public-use areas have gentle shorelines and there are a number of courtesy docks as well. A newly-constructed 1,000 ft berm with wheelchair access is located on the north side of the tailwater below the Corps of Engineers' office. The south shoreline of the spillway has a 500 ft berm with a wheelchair access.

Lake Tenkiller: Public-use areas provide easy access to the shoreline. Private resorts in the Burnt Cabin, Caney Creek and Tenkiller State Park areas operate fishing dock concessions.

Lake Oolagah: The Red Bud Bay Marina offers a fishing dock with easy access.

Lone Chimney: Payne County, 918-762-3581

Pawnee Lake: Pawnee County 918-762-2658

Porum City Lake: Muskogee County 918-484-5588

Prague City Lake: A new fishing dock has recently been built at this lake. Lincoln County, 405-567-2279.

Owen Park: Accessible fishing dock located in downtown Tulsa.

Sapulpa City Lake (Sahoma): There is a covered and lighted fishing dock near the permit office, that offers some access. Creek County, 918-224-7184.

Spavinaw:  This lake has easy access to the water's edge at normal lake levels. Mayes, Delaware Counties 918-589-2460

Tulsa River Parks Pedestrian Bridge: Located at 31st St and Riverside, over Zink Lake, this facility provides some access from the east shoreline.