Streams Management


About the Stream Management Program

The Oklahoma streams management program is charged with enhancing angling, water quality and fish habitat in streams using applied management practices.  The rapidly evolving program was created in 1998 with minimal resources and the hiring of one biologist.  Today, a crew of two biologists, two supporting technicians and a program coordinator stationed at three regional offices work together on improving Oklahoma’s streams.

Almost all successful endeavors start with a solid foundation of knowledge.  ODWC streams program personnel have over 30 years of cumulative experience in applied fisheries management.  Streams are highly dynamic systems which present complex challenges that require intricate solutions.  This requires ODWC staff to understand a broad range of disciplines and to stay abreast of current stream research.  Extensive formal training in applied streams management is ongoing for all stream management staff so program goals can be effectively accomplished.

A key element of the program is improving advocacy and stewardship of stream ecosystems on a state and local scale. Other goals include assessing condition of in-stream habitat, sport fish populations, and watershed health in key Oklahoma streams.  Tailraces fisheries also receive significant attention from the program. 

Streams Projects