Invertebrate Sampling and Stocking

The scouring floods of 2009 reduced the diversity of aquatic invertebrates within the upper reaches of spillway Creek. The flood removed the majority of the invertebrate population, i.e. mayflies and stoneflies etc., that once inhabited the area and the reduction in cobble created conditions for extremely slow colonization of a valuable food resource in the upper reaches of Spillway Creek.

After completion of the habitat project on spillway creek, the addition of cobble coupled with a reduction of stream speed made for an ideal condition to attempt a transplant of macro-invertebrates from areas downstream back into Spillway Creek. With the assistance of Rob Woodruff and many volunteers for the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation we captured multiple kick-net hauls of mayflies, stoneflies, caddis flies and many other species of invertebrates from Zone II and transplanted them in to the upper structures of Spillway creek. In the coming years we will continue to monitor the invertebrate populations and record the success of supplementing the invertebrate populations.