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Import/Export Aquatic Wildlife Permit

Welcome to the Import/Export Aquatic Wildlife Permit page.  Please read the following information and carefully follow all the instructions presented to process our application and issue your permit in a timely fashion.

This is a free permit. There are no fees required to obtain this permit.

This permit is valid for licensed commercial minnow dealers, scientific collectors permits, and licensed aquatic culture facilities.

This permit will be valid for a 5-day period.  This includes 2 days prior to the anticipated delivery date and 2 days after.  If the import/export does not take place then you will need to call, mail, or fax a copy of your copy of your permit stating that it was not used.  All the necessary contact information can be located by click the Permit Contacts link in the upper right corner of this page.

This permit will satisfy the requirements pertaining to the import/export of aquatic wildlife as defined by the laws of Oklahoma contained in Title 29 O.S. Section 7-602, and any additional regulations established by the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission.  You may need to obtain necessary permission from other states, provinces or federal agencies.

This permit is not valid for stocking fish in public waters.  It is illegal for private citizens to stock fish in public waters.


Oklahoma State Statute 51 O.S.A. Section 24A.23 (A) requires that license holder data is confidential
and will not be given out to the general public.

If you are having difficulties using this web application, email us at Import/Export Permit. Please include your full name, date of birth, and a brief description of the problems in the email.
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