Landowner of the Year 2002 - Bruce Robson


The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation recently named Bruce Robson of Finley the 2002 Landowner Conservationist of the Year. 

Robson raises a herd of approximately 320 Coriante cattle for roping stock, but manages the 10,700-acreproperty primarily to benefit wildlife on the property in southeast Oklahoma. primarily to benefit wildlife.

The Oklahoma Landowner Conservationist of the Year award was established to recognize those landowners who have made outstanding contributions to wildlife conservation on private lands in Oklahoma.

“The purpose of this award is to promote sound wildlife resource development units on private lands in Oklahoma," said John Hendrix, private on the Department’s Landowner of the lands biologist for the Department. "Since approximately 97 percent of land in Oklahoma is privately owned, the efforts of landowners are vital to the successful future of wildlife resources in the state."  

Robson has incorporated a number of management practices that have benefited wildlife on the property including: prescribed burns, restoring riparian zones, and creating wetland development units on the property.
For more information on the Department’s Landowner of the Year contact private lands biologist at (405) 521-2739.