Landowner of the Year 2006 - Randy Lively

 Alan Peoples, Randy Lively and Wade Free

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation announced 2006 Landowner of the Year - Randy Lively, of Sharon. Producing beef, sheep and crops, the Lively Ranch is a diversified operation, but wildlife is always an important consideration in land management decisions.

“For several generations the Lively Ranch has placed an emphasis on quality wildlife habitat on the 2,000-acre property in Woodward County. Randy Lively is a great example of real-world conservation in action,” said Wade Free, northwest region wildlife supervisor for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. 

According to Free, Lively uses a variety of methods to encourage the growth of beneficial native plants including, patch burning, roller chopping, rotational grazing and strip disking. In northwest Oklahoma, water is always a top concern and Lively has built six separate watering areas which are used by both wildlife and cattle. 

“When my kids were young, I realized that if I didn¹t manage for wildlife for my kids’ future, nobody was going to do it for me,” Lively said. 

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has recognized a landowner conservationist each of the past 16 years and continues to work closely with landowners by providing technical assistance and in some cases financial support for land practices that benefit wildlife. Projects may include fencing, brush management, timber thinning, wetland restoration and more.