Landowner of the Year 2009 - Steve Nall

 Alan Peoples shaking hands with Steve Nall

Western Creek Co. landowner Steve Nall was recently awarded the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation's Landowner of the Year Award.

Every year the Wildlife Department selects a landowner who has gone above and beyond to improve their property for wildlife habitat, and according Alan Peoples, chief of wildlife for the Wildlife Department, this year is no exception.

Nall is the owner of Canyon Creek Ranch in western Creek Co., which spans over 1,000 acres of mixed hardwoods with scattered mixed grass openings. His wildlife conservation efforts include prescribed burning, food plot management and participation in several Wildlife Department landowner programs such as the Deer Management Assistance Program, the Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program and fish stocking program. Nall also participates in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program and actively involves his young daughters in his effort while introducing them to the outdoors.

“It's wonderful that Steve is introducing these girls to the outdoors and it's obvious from visiting with him and some of the pictures that he has shown of the place that it's about the kids,” said Russ Horton, lands and wildlife diversity supervisor for the Wildlife Department.

Efforts such as prescribed burning have led to increases in wildlife on the property while also helping control the spread of Eastern red cedar.

“I certainly consider it a privilege and an honor to be selected as Landowner of the Year and definitely appreciate the recognition and the work not going unnoticed,” Nall said. He added that the work and progress on his ranch would not have been possible without the Wildlife Department and its employees as well as everyone who has helped work on the ranch.

“An achievement like this is definitely a group effort, and I want to take this time to just thank everybody that's been involved,” Nall said.”

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