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Legislative Session Updates & ODWC Administrative Rules

The Legislative Process: Once a bill is introduced, it is assigned to a committee in the house of origin. From the committee, the bill can be tabled, modified or passed on to the house of origin for a vote. If the house of origin passes the bill, the bill then proceeds to the opposite house, where it is assigned to a committee. The committee can table, modify or pass the bill to the floor for a vote. If the bill passes both houses in its original form, it goes to the Governor for approval or veto. If it has been modified by one of the houses, the other house can accept the changes or ask for a conference committee. The conference committee contains members from each house. If the conference committee agrees on how a bill should read, it is sent to both houses for a vote. If passed by both houses it goes to the Governor for action.

2016 Legislative Session


Oklahoma Legislature For meeting schedules, floor agendas, voting records and legislative contacts.

Fish and Wildlife Legislation from previous years


ODWC Administrative Rules


Constitution of the State of Oklahoma - Article XXVI (creation of the Wildlife Department

Title 29 -  Oklahoma Statutes

Title 800 - Department of Wildlife Conservation - Rules passed by the Commission

Administrative Rules - Rule changes that have gone through the public comment period