Fishing and Hunting Legacy Permit


The Fishing and Hunting Legacy Permit was passed by the 2004 Oklahoma Legislature. The law authorized the Department to sell a $5 permit. The revenue generated from the permit is used to purchase, lease, or acquire easements for property to be used for public fishing and hunting.

In 2009, legislation was passed to incorporate this permit into an annual hunting and fishing licenses.

To date, four land acquisitions have been funded, in whole or part, with funds generated from the Legacy permit: the Lower Illinois River Public Fishing and Hunting Area, Cimarron Bluff WMA, Cimarron Hills WMA, and Drummond Flats WMA. Nearly 7,800 additional acres of wildlife habitat have been secured for sportsmen.

In addition, Sportfish and Wildlife Restoration funds were used to leverage license dollars in some of these purchases, enabling ODWC to stretch sportsmen’s Legacy dollars even further.

The price for all lifetime licenses sold beginning September 1, 2004, including 60 and over lifetimes, increased by $25, with the additional funds also being earmarked for this program. Once someone buys a lifetime license, they become exempt from the Fishing and Hunting Legacy Permit.