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            New state- or lake-record fish have been added to the Wildlife Department’s official database in recent weeks. Here is a snap-
          shot of the big ones that didn’t get away!

                                    State Record                                          State Record Spotted

                                   Paddlefish                                            Gar (Unrestricted

                                   (Restricted Division)                                 Division)

                                   Weight:                                               Weight:
                                     132 pounds, 8 ounces.                                 11 pounds, 4 ounces.
                                   Length:                                               Length:
                                    65 inches.                                             40.5 inches.
                                   Girth:                                               Girth:
                                    39 inches.                                            13.75 inches.
                                  Angler:                                               Angler:
                                    Larry Morphew of Yale.                                Dustin Statton, Meeker.
                                  Method of Catch:                                      Method of Catch:
                                    Rod and reel.                                         Bow and arrow.
                                  Date Caught:                                          Date Caught:
                                   April 29, 2018.                                        May 11, 2018.
                                  Area Caught:                                         Where Caught:
                                   Arkansas River (Black-                                Lake of the Arbuckles.
                                   burn area).

            What’s the biggest fish you’ve ever caught? A 7-pound largemouth, a 2-pound crappie or a
          45-pound blue catfish? While your fish might not be a new state record, it possibly could be
          the biggest fish ever caught from your favorite lake. Thanks to a network of record-keepers
          at lakes across the state, your next trophy could qualify as a lake record.
            The Lake Record Fish Program was established as a way to serve anglers and
          recognize big fish and the lakes they come from. To find out more, go online to


            Hunting season is fast approaching, and it’s a great time to think
          about hunter education. Whether you are required by law or not,
          everyone can benefit.
            Topics include firearms safety, wildlife conservation and identifica-
          tion, safe archery and more. The classes help people become responsi-
          ble and ethical hunters.
            Oklahoma’s free hunter education course is offered both online and
          in several classroom sessions taught by a certified instructor. Class-
          room courses are offered across the state at various times and locations.
          For class schedules, go to
          The convenient online course can be found on the same web page.
            Any Oklahoma resident 10 or older may complete the online course
          and print a hunter education certification card upon completion of
          the online final exam. Youths 9 and younger may take the course for
          knowledge but are not eligible for certification; instead, these youths
          may buy an apprentice-designated hunting license. Apprentice-desig-
          nated licenses may be used by anyone 30 or younger. Hunter education
          certification is not required for anyone 31 or older in Oklahoma.

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