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Game Warden’s Journal

                          ACCOUNTS FROM THE FIELD BY THE PUBLIC
                          SERVANTS WHO ENFORCE THE FISH AND
                          WILDLIFE LAWS OF OKLAHOMA.

                                                              Game Warden John Grellner, based in Canadian County,
                                                            with assistance from Capt. Bryan Wilkerson, training offi-
                                                            cer, conducted a Skins and Skulls presentation to Cub Scout
                                                            Pack 374 in Piedmont. The Cubs were full of questions and
                                                            eager to learn about wildlife and what the Game Wardens
                                                            do every day.

            Lt. Mark Reichenberger, based in Woodward County,
          reported the discovery of debris that had been dumped in
          Fort Supply Wildlife Management Area. He said the debris
          appeared to be the remains of a tool shed or well house. It is
          illegal to dump any trash or material on wildlife management
          areas. The game warden used social media to appeal to the
          public for information about the crime. And shortly after,
          the appeal was answered.
            “The offender is being required to pick up the mess.
          Please go on our page and thank everyone who commented
          and or shared that post? It made the case for me! … We
          rely heavily on the public to enforce the game laws. I patrol   Oklahoma Game Wardens Cody Morris and Marni Lof-
          over 1,200 square miles just in Woodward county alone. We   tis, both based in Delaware County, teamed with Assistant
          need eyes and ears from the citizenry to help us out. They   Chief  of  Wildlife  Division  Bill  Dinkines  in  late  May  on
          can call their local game warden anonymously if need be,”   Grand Lake to contact a group of noodlers using hooks.
          Reichenberger said.                               Noodling is the take of nongame fish and catfish by using
                                                            the hands only. It is illegal to use anything else to take fish
                                                            while noodling. Possession of hooks, gaff hooks, spears,
            Game Wardens Monte Reid and Kody Moore, both based   poles with hooks attached, or ropes with hooks attached
          in Mayes County, seized prohibited gill nets being used   while in the act of noodling is proof of violating the “hands
          below Kerr Dam. Arkansas residents using the nets were   only” noodling law, according to Oklahoma Title 800.
          cited for illegal method of take for game and nongame fish,
          and netting in a closed area. The Game Wardens thanked   (Reports from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife
          the concerned citizens who reported the suspicious activity.  Conservation-Game Wardens Facebook page.)

          EDITOR’S NOTE: Please help make a difference! When violators break the law, they steal fish and wildlife from you! Report viola-
          tions anonymously by calling Operation Game Thief at (800) 522-8039. You could earn a cash reward.

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