News of the Week

May 14, 2014

A service of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation


      The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation recently welcomed back one of its former research biologists as the new assistant chief of the Fisheries Division.

      Ken Cunningham, most recently assistant chief of the ecological and environmental planning division at the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, began his new duties in Oklahoma on April 14.

      "It's a real privilege to be able to come back," Cunningham said.

      From 1990 to 2000, Cunningham was employed by the Wildlife Department as a research biologist at the Oklahoma Fisheries Research Laboratory in Norman.

      As assistant chief of fisheries, Cunningham will oversee operations at the Department's regional Fisheries Division offices and the Oklahoma Fisheries Research Lab in Norman. He will also oversee operations at the Department's four fish hatcheries in Byron, Durant, Medicine Park and Holdenville.

      He will assist in planning, developing and establishing goals, objectives and strategies for the Fisheries Division's statewide programs, along with supervising and coordinating staff. Cunningham will also supervise and monitor the Boating and Fishing Access Development Program, and he will serve as a Department liaison with state and federal partners, and the general public.

      Barry Bolton, chief of fisheries for the Wildlife Department, said, "We are pleased to welcome Ken Cunningham as assistant chief of Fisheries. We believe he will become a valuable addition in our effort to manage Oklahoma's aquatic resources."

      Cunningham was raised in the Noble area. He earned his bachelor's degree in conservation from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, and his master's degree in fisheries and wildlife ecology from Oklahoma State University. "I'm really excited to be here," Cunningham said. "I feel honored and blessed to be able to work for the agency again."