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May 8, 2015
Dahlgren Lake Renovation Begins at Lexington WMA

   A project to renovate Dahlgren Lake within Lexington Wildlife Management Area began this month. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation has started to reduce the water level in the 26-acre lake, which will restrict fishing, boating and hunting activities at the lake until renovations are completed.

   Once the water level has been lowered significantly, Fisheries Division personnel will use heavy equipment to remove silt that has built up on the lake bed. Silt removal will improve fish habitat, increase the lake's water storage capacity and open more areas to anglers and hunters once the work is completed.

   The project also will address erosion problems around the existing boat ramp. Planned improvements include a new boat ramp and parking lot, a floating fishing dock, and several fishing jetties. Most of the renovation work will be done this coming winter, and project planners are hoping to allow the lake to refill in spring 2016.

   Dahlgren Lake was built in 1953. Lexington WMA, southeast of Noble, contains 9,512 acres of cross timbers habitat and native grasslands. About 30 ponds can be found on the WMA. Because of its proximity to Oklahoma City and Norman, the area is a popular hunting and fishing destination.

   For more information about the Dahlgren Lake renovation project, call Keith Thomas, Oklahoma City region fisheries biologist, at (405) 325-7288.

A yearlong project to renovate Dahlgren Lake at Lexington Wildlife Management Area has begun. The project will seriously restrict fishing, boating and hunting activities at the 26-acre lake. (