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April 9, 2015
"Outdoor Oklahoma" Photo Contest Deadline Soon
   The deadline is quickly approaching to submit your entries in "Outdoor Oklahoma" magazine's 2015 Readers' Photography Showcase competition. Photographers must have their entries submitted online by next Wednesday, April 15, to qualify.
   "I imagine there are a few folks out there who had every intention of submitting a great outdoor-related photo to the Readers' Photography Showcase competition, and then it just slipped their mind," said Don P. Brown, managing editor of "Outdoor Oklahoma" magazine. "If that is you, here's a friendly reminder, because there are just a few days left to enter."
   Anyone can enter this annual competition that celebrates the best photographic efforts of "Outdoor Oklahoma" readers. 
   Magazine editors and selected Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservationemployees will pick the "best of the best" to be published in the July/August issue, which always proves to be one of the most popular issues each year. 
   "The Readers' Photography Showcase has become a way for us to thank our faithful readers while at the same time sharing the beauty and fascination that can be found outdoors in Oklahoma," Brown said. 
   The judges will choose from a range of subjects relating to Oklahoma's outdoors. Subjects can be animals, plants, scenics, people enjoying nature -- most anything relating to the outdoors. The photos should have been taken in Oklahoma. 
  Each participant may submit up to five original, high-quality digital images online Each submission must include a description of the photo, location taken, photographer's name and hometown, and a brief description of what it took to get the right shot. Photos should be in sharp focus, and image resolution should be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) for printing in the magazine. 
   For more information about the Readers' Photography Showcase and "Outdoor Oklahoma" magazine, go to
These are some of the remarkable images of Oklahoma's outdoors that appeared in last year's Readers' Photography Showcase issue of "Outdoor Oklahoma" magazine. Entry deadline for this year's competition is April 15. (