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Fort Gibson

Lake Photograph: 

Ft. Gibson

Fish Species at this Lake: 

Latest Fishing Report

Submitted by:
Rick Stafford
Lake Elevation:
Above Average
Water Temp and Clarity:
61 and clear

Action: Fair
Baits:  Live Shad, Minnows, Stinkbait
Locations: Flats, Main lake, River Channel, and jug lining and drift fishing shad ,

Baits:  Plastics
Locations: Docks, Points, Riprap, Rocks, and creatue baits abd biffel Bugs

Action: Slow
Baits:  Hair Jigs, Jigs, Minnows, Tube Jigs
Locations: Brush structure, Docks, Main lake, and 15 to 20 ft of water