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Doc Hollis

Lake Photograph: 

By:  Larry Cofer,  Fisheries Supervisor. Phone (580) 529-2795

Location: Doc Hollis Lake is located in Greer County, 18 miles northwest of Mangum (S13, T6N, R25W). Vegetation around the lake is shortgrass high plains type.

Recreational Facilities: The lake has an entrance road and parking lot, no picnicking, restroom or camping facilities. Mangum is the nearest town in which to obtain picnic and fishing supplies. Anglers can expect fair bass, sunfish and channel catfish fishing.

Lake History: Doc Hollis Lake was purchased by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and opened to public in 2015.

Physical Description:

Surface area...... 40 acres 
Volume .............250 ac.ft 
Average depth.........4 ft. 
Maximum depth .................... 10 ft.
Shoreline length ...................... 3 mi.

Fish Species of Interest:

Largemouth bass, channel catfish and bluegill

Description of Fish Management Practices:

Doc Hollis is a clear, slaty lake with aquatic vegetation. A "no harvest", catch-and-release rule on largemouth bass is in effect to maintain quality bass fishing. Channel catfish are stocked annually, and a limit of 6 channel catfish is in effect. No boats are allowed because Doc Hollis Lake is highly vulnerable to golden algae blooms that can cause fish kills. Anglers are asked not to dump water or bait into the lake after fishing. Fishing access improvements are planned.

Hunting: Hunting regulations follow rules for Sandy Sanders WMA. "Closed areas" may be designated for purposes of safety and/or security.


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