Grady County

Area Photograph: 
Area Description: 

The Grady County Wildlife Management Area encompasses 1,036 acres located about 4 ½ miles east of Rush Springs, Oklahoma in Grady County. This WMA is about equally divided between two non-contiguous tracts with an additional 33 acre non-contiguous tract located between the other two. The area is characterized by open uplands bisected by wooded draws and creeks typical of the interspersed postoak-blackjack oak and tall grass prairie habitat types.

Game Species of Interest: 

Quail: Present but in low numbers
Turkey: Rio Grande turkey are transient through the area.
Deer: White-tailed deer inhabit the area.
Rabbit: Cottontail rabbits inhabit the area.
Furbearers: Coyote, bobcat, raccoon and other common furbearers inhabit the area.
Dove: Some local doves are occasionally present.
Waterfowl: Various species of waterfowl may occasionally utilize the small ponds located on the wma. 

Description of Fish and Wildlife Management Practices: Prescribed fire and periodic grazing may be utilized to enhance wildlife habitat.

Camping and Facilities: N/A

Fishing Opportunities: Limited fishing opportunity exists. Most ponds located on the wma are small enough to cast a lure clear across.


Grady County WMA Map - best general purpose map, pdf format (8.5x11)

Regulations: Seasons on public lands section of hunting regulations