ODWC Bids and Solicitations that have been Awarded


Note: It is the vendors responsibility to send the bid/solicitation to the address listed on the bid documents. Any bids/solicitation submitted to the wrong address may not be considered.


Bid/Solicitation # Amended Closing Date Description of Bid  
65C no Closed  Brillion PDT-14 Transport Pulverizer  
66C no Closed  Skid Unit Chief Fire & Safety
67C no Closed  153 square miles flight digital imagery Ace Aerial LLC
68C no Closed  157 Tons 1 1/2"-2 Limestone Rock Yocham Trucking
69C no Pulled Fertilizer and Seeds  
70C no Closed  Dozer & Trackhoe work at Hulah and Copan WMA J&S Dozer and Excavation
71C no Closed  Pipe Fence Corner Post Alford Metals
72C no Cancelled Cleaning Contract Hackberry Flat Center  
73C no Closed  Archery Equipment Laporte America LLC
74C-rebid no Cancelled 20 ft. Commercial Duty Dual Console Metal Patrol Boat  
75C no Closed  Biogradeable Clay Targets Gene Sears Supply
76C no Closed  Ammunition Williams Shooting Supplies
77C no Closed  685 - 50lb. bags of Japanese (duck) millet Kaufman Seeds Inc
78C no Closed  630 - 50 lb. bags of Japanese (duck) millet Green Seed
79C no Closed  Crop Dusting and Seeding (all kinds) aerial Bluestem Aerial Sprayers
80C no Closed  Tri-Mountain Ladies & Men Shirts OCI
81C no Closed  Wrangler Denim Jeans 13MWZ Cowboy Cut OCI
82C no Closed  Tri-Mountain Polo Shirts OCI
83C no Closed  Pella Hooded Jackets OCI
85C Yes Closed  5.11 Tactical Shirts Special-Ops Uniforms
92C No Closed  Drawstring Backpacks - String Bag Marketing World Specialties
97C no Closed  Skid Unit Chief Fire & Safety
98C no Closed  Deer Carcass Tags, Deer Jaw Tags & Bear Carcass Tags DPS Printing Services
99C no Closed  Oklahoma Wildlife Expo 2011 Production system Ford Audio-Video
100C-Rebid-2 no Closed  Wildlife Viewing Platforms Th Rogers Lumber Company
101C no Closed  (2) - 10' Cargo Trailers OK Truck & Trailer Sales
102C no Closed  Aluminum Signs for Arcadia Conservation Education Trail Area Wilderness Graphics
104C no Closed  Fencing Material for Packsaddle Wildlife Management Area Dacoma Farmers Coop
106C no Closed  Riprap & Crusher Run Rock Cottonwood Creek WDU APAC-Central
107C no Closed  Skid Unit Chief Fire & Safety
109C no Closed  5.11 Professional Polo Shirts Short Sleeve Cops Products
110C no Closed  Horace small cargo pants & Horace small work jeans Special Ops Uniforms
111C no Closed  Freedom-Flex Trousers & Cargo Trouser Flying Cross by Fechheimer Special Ops Uniforms
112C no Closed  Flying Cross Short & Long Sleeve Shirts by Fechheimer Special OPS Uniform
113C no Closed  Donor Patches and Hats JVH Marketing
114C no Closed  Screen Printing Archery Nets OCI
116C no Closed  Gore Tex Jacket & Liner - Unisex Flying Cross by Fechheimer Item #79905GTX Special OPS Uniform
117C no Closed  ODOT Base Type A Gravel Dale Brown Inc
120C no Closed  16 Hrs. Contract Helicopter Aerial Ignition Prescribed Burning Prentice Aviation Inc.
122C no Closed  9 Hrs. Contract Helicopter Aerial Ignition Prescribed Burning Prentice Aviation Inc.
124C no Closed  Skid Unit Cooper Creek Manufacturing
125C-rebid no Closed  Greenscape Conservation 840 Seeder FastForward Services Inc.
127C no Closed  Building Materials for Pushmataha Wildlife Management Area Antlers Roof Truss Co.
128C yes Closed  M&M 16" Hydra-Clip Tree Shear P & K Equipment Inc.
29L-Rebid-  no Closed  150 horsepower 4-cycle outboard motor Blackbeard Marine
30L no Closed  Aluminum boat with trailer and motor Larry Smith Marine Services
31L no Closed  (70) Regulatory Buoy Cal-June Inc
32L no Closed  7.5 GPP Electrofisher System Smith Root Inc.
33L no Closed  50 HP Honda 4 Stroke Outboard Motor Sawgrass Equipment LLC
35L no Closed  Canon Scanner Dr-9050C Color Duplex Get Imaging
36 L no Closed  HT 2000 Battery Powered Backpack Electrofisher Halltech Aquatic Research Inc.
37L no Cancelled (1) Mercury 150 HP 2 Stroke Outboard Motor with 25" Shaft  
38L no Closed  Expo Golf Carts Fore Wheeler
41L no Closed  Printing - Universal License Books RR Donnelley
42L no Closed  Fish Nets Miller Net Company
43L-rebid no Closed  Fishing Equipment Pure Fishing Inc
44L no Closed  Custom-welded aluminum boat and tandem axle trailer Kann Manufacturing Corporation
45L no Closed  Facility Rental Tulsa State Fair
46L no Closed  70 kw engine-driven standby generator Clifford Power Systems
48L no Closed  Hot breakfast sandwiches & Boxed Lunches City Bites
49L no Closed  Parts and Labor to write emergency vehicle lights Smiles LLC
50L no Closed  Arrow Curtains and Genesis Bows Brennan Industries
51L no Closed  Hotel Accommodations Buffalo Run Hotel
52L no Closed  Fiberglass Fish Hauling Tank GT Distributors Inc.
53L no Closed  Ammunition GT Distributors
54L no Closed Parts & Labor to wire emergency vehicle Smiles LLC
55L no Closed  Cotton Seed Meal and Alfalfa Pellets. Allen Bros
56L no Closed  Parts & Labor to wire emergency vehicles Smiles LLC
57L no Closed  20 Grille Guards and installation on Chevrolet and Ford Pickups Xtreme Liners
58L no Closed  1,520 T-shirts with custom screen printing USA Screen Printing & Embroidery
59L no Closed  Aluminum Flatbed with Hoist

Cooper Creek Manufacturing, Inc

60L no Closed  Fathead Minnows Harbin Fish & Bait Farm
61L no Closed  550 tons of 12 inch rip-rap Joe Brown Company, Inc
62L no Closed  20' Commercial Duty Center Console metal Patrol Boat Big River Outfitters LLC




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